Monday, April 21, 2008

Our Eagle Point Resort Get-away

It is fun to reminisce. More fun if you have photos to look into while remembering. Just like our vacation in the Philippines a few months ago. The kids still wont accept that we would be staying for a long time here in Germany. If they had their way, they could pack their bags and go back to the Philippines. And that would be, right now!

Well, I cant blame them for I do repeatedly dream of our vacation, too. And of coming back real soon :)

Come and join me in reminiscing. Here are some photos taken during our one-week stay at Eagle Point Resort in Anilao, Batangas.
The sunset, taken in front of the restaurant

My youngest brother, on the steps going to the pool

My sister, at the pool deck

MC and Ate Tintin

IC and Ate Clae

The kids with papa, MC learned to swim during our second day in the resort

The other pooi

Another photo of the other pool area

MC showing off the baby sea turtle in Sepoc Beach.
The kids also saw a couple of blue star fish there.

The Sepoc Beach, a 20-min boat ride from the resort

The kids love the swing, still in Sepoc!

IC decided she wanted to help the housekeeping.
This is the terrace of the two bedroom villa where we stayed.

Volleyball at Sepoc Beach. We went there two times.

MC wanted to go snorkeling. And she did. She was so excited to tell us
that she saw a school of clown fish, 'I saw Nemos down there.'

During the boat ride going to Sepoc Beach. See my hubby's cap? Because the ride was windy, he didnt get the chance to hold it down and it blew away. He only realized it when the boatman turned off the engine and his son was ready to jump into the waves to
get the cap back! Well, I told them the cap is not worth it! That cap is my hubby's favorite though!

That's our ride! Good thing the girls were a trooper. In fact, IC slept on the way back to the resort! As for MC, she screamed when the water splashed on board. But the papa managed to divert her fear by asking her to watch out for his cap. Well, my heart was thumping as the waves were high during that time but I decided to sing to divert my fear :D

I love this photo of MC with the sunset as backgrounder.

Cuddling with IC

Look at her! MC really enjoyed the water slide! IC wont even try it. And oh, did I tell you that she learned to really swim in this resort? Yep, MC can swim already!

Their play house :D

IC in front of the cottages

MC in front of the stairs going to our villa

Nanay and Tatay's cottage

Inside Nanay and Tatay's cottage

Poolside with the kids


lovelyn said...

really nice! ang ganda naman dyan. i like your photo with IC, really cute.

raqgold said...

lovelyn, try to visit kapag asa pinas kayo. IC dont want photos taken anymore, hahaha