Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Dear Sheila D.

Sheila D. is a batchmate in high school who's been facing a health challenges lately. I saw her when were in Manila this February, and to be frank with you, I forgot that she's not well -- you would never see that she's hurting or that she's stressed or that she's letting life go on without her.
She's fun. She's animated. She's bubbling with life. And she wanted to have another go with a special man on her side. You see, she's been, for a long time now, a single parent to her lovely daughter.
My husband even took photos of her as we were joking that we would find someone special for her in Germany. She eagerly posed and even wanted to refresh her make-up so she'd look better; although I could have told her that her lively personality would have men running all over her.

ayan, nagpapaganda muna sya :D
And boy, I am glad I got to meet with her. You see, we were never classmates in high school. We crossed paths once in a while because her friends were also my friends, but never really talked. The only direct contact I had with her was during our Friday CAT classes because she's one of the officers. Meaning, I cower in fright, hoping to disappear in the group as she's a formidable figure with her fatigues and as you would see in the photos, she's a lot taller than me :D

And then we started this high school yahoogroup in 2005. Since then, we found old friends, we discovered new friends and then we opened ourselves to the whole batch which would be more than 300 of us!
Shiela experienced health problems regarding her ovary, a few years back. She told us she tried almost everything -- she talked to us about herbal medicines. She refused to undergo an operation. Our yahoogroup tried to keep her optimistic and supported her with prayers and by simply being there for her - sometimes thru text messages and group conferences; and those who could meet with her, met her and some talked to her on the phone. I have never been so close to my high school batch as right there and then; I could feel them during this time of need. Even though we were scattered all over the world now!

Sheila won her battle. And we are thankful and I am sure, so proud of her.

And then I got this note from a friend in our yahoogroup saying that Sheila needs our prayers as she underwent an operation last month wherein an ovarian cyst was removed. She's diagnosed with ovarian cancer stage 3. After reading that short note, I immediately wrote a short email and sent Sheila a short text message of love and hope and something to tickle her funny bones. Oh yeah, I believe that in times like this, we need a little bit of fun, too.

Here is my short text message to her: Hi dear, just to let you know that we are praying for you. Have faith. German BF coming soon :D
In which she texted back: Thanks my dear. God has better plans for me and am confident I will be well soon. Need Papa asap para bilis me galing. heheh. God bless.
To Sheila and to the other Sheila's out there.
There is nothing that could keep us moving on than our belief in ourself and in our faith. You are sorrounded by love. I know you are enveloped by warm and caring people. And of course, you yourself know how to have fun. Live life to the fullest, just like what you are doing now.

Sheila with me and the kids, another high school batchmate Cecil C,
and Sheila's teen-age daughter
Sheila, know that you have a friend in me; in our batch. You know that we would always be there praying for you, for your family. If possible, we would be there to hold your hands, to hug your fears away. If you cant sleep, we could gossip til late. To fight your tears, we could organize a laugh machine or you want me to tickle you, hehe. For someone special to hold you, hmm, let me work in this :D
Sheila, I admire your strength. I admire your faith. I admire your height :) You are in our prayers. Have fun with life!


haze said...

Count me in, will pray for her early recovery! Just tell her keep the faith !

raqgold said...

thanks haze, am sure sheila read your comment already!

julie said...

Sheila, be well,keep up the faith and be positive. I admire you :)

raqgold said...

julie - sheila would love to read this.