Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Am Inspired

Yep, I am inspired.

Just because Tonette sent me an email saying that she started blogging after reading my blog a few months ago. It tickles me pink because I have not even celebrated my first year anniversary in the blogging world and yet I have touched someone; inspired her to blog even. Now she is Cool Mom An2nette.
Her blog shares her life as a 'floor director' in Germany, after working in different educational institutions in the Philippines. She is a cool mom and a 'cooler' grandma. And she lives in the Black Forest, yum :D

Tonette, I hope you are enjoying blogging.

And I am inspired just because of another email:

RĂ¼diger Schilling has left a new comment on your post "Preventive Program on Sexual Assault for Small Chi...":

the innovator of "Ich bin doch kein Heini!?" ist speaking.
I found this blogg today and I´m positive surprised to find my programm in english language - great! Thank´s to raqgold! Where did you have seen my programm? Did I shown it or were it my teached policemen?
For you all: If some need further informations, please visit or contact me with an e-mail
And don´t forget, I train the children in possible reactions if they are alone, if they are accosted (? - excuse my bad english) out of a car one the way to school or if they were contact on a playground. Thereby we think about strangers. But more dangerous are the familiar persons, persons who know the childs and their familiy. Most of sexual offendings are in the so called "sozialer Nahraum" (translation can be: room of social nearness) an means all the personens on bowing terms up to the affiliation. In Germany we assume over 80 % of sexual offenders are not strange.

Recapitulating: Don´t be affraid! The sexual offending declining. Work with your kids, train the questions about feeling and be a pattern. So you can nurture a confident child - the premise is: you have to be confident for yourself.

Greetings and have a lot of fun with your children!

RĂ¼diger Schilling and Heini
It was not easy translating his program in English as the subject is very sensitive; but I guess my work was a success if this email from the innovator himself would attest. I did say I would email him, and yes, I would. After posting this :)


haze said...

Wow that's the magic of blogging ! I have touched someone's heart and mind too Raquel ! It's so surprising because we don't know each other but she visits my blog regularly. We became friends online and with my final push she's now blogging :D ! Check out her blog at

raqgold said...

haze - blogging is great :D i'd visit her blog later.

an2nette said...

Hi Raquel or rather my angel, thanks again for featuring my blog in your blogspot, i am really proud, i'm going to show it to my children and friends, hopefully i will gain some readers, but sad to say, i am the only one who blogs here in ortenau, they're all friendster freaks, take care. 2nette

raqgold said...

tonette, you are very much welcome. thanks for inspiring me :D

Anonymous said...

Hopefully, someday, I can inspire others to share their life online like you and Haze.

Congratulations too that you caught the eye of the gentleman who started the children's protection program. He sounded very grateful for your translation.