Thursday, May 1, 2008


our masterpieces and my gift certificate
I dont know what's wrong with me. I kept on forgetting important dates. And though I have been hearing and reading about Mother's Day, I havent even heard nor read anything about Father's Day.

And yet, today is Father's Day in Germany!

But since I was too caught up with a new fitness program, I am set to start jogging with a friend this morning, I totally forgot all about 'Vatertag'. It was only when I heard someone over the radio greeting every father 'ALLE GUTE ZUM VATERTAG' that I realized!

Good thing my hubby was in the bathroom, and the kids were busy with their crafts. I immediately commandered their scissors and papers and glue to create a gift certificate that says 'You are invited for dinner at your favorite place'.

I whispered to the kids that today is a special day for papas - so they quickly created their own masterpieces. And when papa was out of the bathroom, we gave him our special yet quickly made gifts. Whew :D

Dear Papa
We just want to tell you
How we love you

Just look at our masterpieces
Created in just a minute

Everything is there
Like mice and hearts

And some teddy bear
Because you are so dear

Excuse my poor attempt in rhyme, I am afterall in stress :D

And yes, Germany celebrates Father's Day during Ascension Day which this year falls also on the first of May; unlike most countries.


Wena said...

hi raq. i have an award for you.

janet said...

happy father's day to your hubby. sweet poem you wrote.

raqgold said...

wena, thanks a lot for the award.

janet - i told him and he said thank you daw. as for the poem, a way to distract him from knowing that i almost forgot :D

haze said...

Forget about the Rhyme, it's the essence of the poem and the love of your daughters to their wonderful Father ! Happy Father's Day !!!

raqgold said...

haze, thanks.

Anonymous said...

alam mo, nakalimutan ko vatertag pala sa last donnerstag.....hindi ko na rin naala-ala kasi, 20th anni ko rn dito.....

hay sabi pa ni bernie, wla daw nagcongrats sa kanya,,,

next time daw, doon na siya sa mga friends nya,...saĆ¼fen und fressen....hehehheheheh

pero masaya naman kami, kasi nagpunta sa rest. n maifest.......