Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My Husband's New 'Toy'

Summer time. The heat and the sun and the garden works making us thirsty. We needed a refreshing drink. An iced tea! My husband's been hooked to iced tea since coming back from our Philippine vacation. We were bombarded there, in most restaurants and hotel coffee shops, with
this cool drink, and most of the time as bottomless offers. He used to shun iced tea and now he's craving for it.

And what would be the number one thing you needed to create a great iced tea? Ice cubes! I had to fill and freeze those ice packs for him but there was never enough. And his impatience brought him the idea of buying an ice cube maker. He's been obssessively checking out the internet, bugging me to check eBay and compare the prices; we even checked the markets but we only saw those big industrialized ones that costed way too much.

And one night, he wont stop googling until we found one in eBay; and since the seller's got Paypal and it is a buynow offer, and the price is just right - I clicked to buy. After a day, my husband's new 'toy' arrived. He was too excited about it; he wanted to start making ice right there and then (he's in the office and am at home), hahaha. Well, he obviously had to wait thus when he arrived home, he's eager to make a (dozen) bucket-full of ice. But first he needed a place for this huge machine... and nope, I didnt help him. I dont really find the machine so practical, but I dont want to put a damp to his happiness.

And plus I dont really know where we should place that thing. The kitchen counter is already full with gadgets and gizmos, I wanted space! So I jokingly told him, maybe with your ice machine, we needed a new house, hahaha. Well, he laughed with me while pushing and shoving the items in the kitchen and he tried to make me happy by saying that we would need this ice machine only for summer. Alright, and where should we store that in winter?

Anyway, here's the result:
And that's only one corner in the kitchen. The rest of the gadgets are scattered on the other side of the counter top. Hayyy, I want space.


Lionel Valdellon said...

Just curious: are there no ice-cube makers built into Euro/German refs?

Seems kinda impractical to me too but then... hey, if it makes your hubby happy (if even only for summer), why not? :D

haze said...

That is really perfect for summer getaway ! I want that too :D !

raqgold said...

lionel - european kitchen arent like american kitchens kasi e. yung mga refs dito e built in karamihan sa mga cabinets. unlike american kitchen na naglalakihan ang mga refs nila. buying a big ref with ice cube-maker would mean we would need a bigger space and those refs are at least 500% more expensive than an ice maker :D

haze - hahaha, if you are ice-cube crazy like my husband, then you should buy one :D

Anonymous said...

Now that's one cool gadget, hehe. (eh, corny!)
We need that too here. We're always running out of ice cubes. Sometimes pag sinipag ako, I wold make batch after batch of cubes, emptying the ice tray as it freezes, and making some more. Minsan I forget, hehe. Eh the kids don't refill naman.

summer na pala dyan? Dito tag-ulan na ulit.

raqgold said...

chats - cool talaga, pampacool sa hubby kong biglang na-adik sa iced tea :D pero practical nga kasi it takes only 10 mins tapos meron ka ng ice cubes, bilis ano?

supposed to be spring time pa pero dahil sa super init, feeling summer na kami.

Lionel Valdellon said...

Refs built into the cabinets? That's a "new" idea only now being spread in high-end homes in the States. Interesting! I learn something new everyday.

Anonymous said...

That is one great gadget, Keng, di ba hubby of Keng? (wink, wink)

I love definitely love that, to save on some freezer space for the ice cream :D

raqgold said...

lionel - wow, ganun? high ends homes lang sya 'in'? kasi dito those things are normal. we both are learning :D

julie - hahaha, ice cream. that would be another space problem talaga.

Heart of Rachel said...

Perfect yan dito lalo na summer ngayon. We have a small freezer that's why normally we only put 2 ice trays.

raqgold said...

rach - right, this machine is perfect for summer. i just dont know where to put this huge machine when winter comes :D

Anonymous said...

Our hubs are both the same - when they want something, they research it until they can finally have it in their hands. Syempre pa ang eBay ang go-to place, well most of the time.
I don't like clutter in my counterspace too but it's unavoidable. And yes, my dialogue would be the same: "maybe we need a new house". :D

raqgold said...

greymom - am glad to know am not alone!