Friday, May 16, 2008

Tips on How to Enjoy Your Outdoor Outing

Our little cave in the sun :)

Although it is supposed to be spring time, we are enjoying summer heat in this part of Germany. Because of that, we are taking advantage and joining the trek outdoors, especially to the outdoor pools. And for the first time, the kids cant get enough of the outdoors, spending almost every moment in the fresh air. When before they would complain of the heat and head off inside or when asked would prefer those indoor amusement parks. But not now...

Here's a few tips on how to enjoy your outdoor outing, especially if swimming is on the agenda:

1. First thing and the most important thing to do, check the weather for the day. You dont want to go swimming when it is supposed to be raining.

2. Choose a place that you are already familiar with or if you want to check out other places, google them and make sure you look for the map on how to get there. So you would know what you would need and what activities are involved; and you would not waste time finding the place.

3. Prepare all the things the night before and put them in your beach bag - towels, beach mat, tent, swimming suits, flip flops, huts and caps, floaters if needed, sun screen lotion for both the kids and the adults, shampoo and soap, comb, and of course, prepare the clothes to be worn for the next day and get the bathing suits ready. I always make sure that I pack the kid's bath robes and some beach toys, too. And if you plan to go hiking, make sure you have the right clothes and the right shoes, bring a change of clothes for the kids; plus a mini book about animals and plants would be handy, too.

4. Better to wake up early the next to prepare the food and drinks.

5. Dab on sun screen lotion before putting on your bathing suits under your chosen clothes for the day. And if you plan to go hiking, dont miss dabbing on anti-mosquito and anti-ticks cream.

6. When going swimming, make sure your clothes for the day would be comfortable and easy to wear. Like if you'll go swimming, you wouldnt want to be asking someone for help to open your unreachable buttons or zippers, right? And dont forget the right shoes for the right place.

7. When the kids are with you, it is better to bring extra food and drinks. We find that boiled eggs are the best bet, some pretzel/rolls and salami, plus some cookies for in between munchies. Sliced apples and washed grapes are good refreshments, too. Nope, we dont bring juices, we prefer soft bottled water.

8. Since you are bringing food, dont forget to bring a small plastic bag for your garbage and left overs. There arent always garbage bins near you. Make sure you leave the place clean.

9. And a reminder: start everything in a relaxed manner, no stress, no hurry. The kids could dictate the phase; they could swim if they want to or they could play if they want to. And when on a hike, we are always ready to hang around when they find a place that they wanted to run around and explore; or we find time to answer their questions about some insects or some plants.

10. Of course, dont forget to always bring GOOD MOOD!

Oh, plus, I always bring with me some surprises: either a pack of gummi bears or a new toy or simply teaching the kids a new game. That adds to the excitement.

Have fun in the sun!


Nanaybelen said...

Thanks for the tips. If ever you missed one of these - ang laking bagay ang mawawala

Nanaybelen said...

Thanks for the info or tips. If ever missed one of these- ang laking bagay ang mawawala. sometimes you will not enjoy anymore

raqgold said...

belen, right you are. mabuti na lang my hubby is also very meticulous when it comes to packing things.

haze said...

Long list and yet very useful for outdoor activities! Sometimes I still forget little things :(!

raqgold said...

raqgold - pareho lang tayo; buti na lang my hubby have also his lists and we always compare bago kami umalis :D