Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Swimming Outdoors in May for Kids' Day

I cant hardly believe it, we went outdoor swimming for our Kids' Day this May! I know we usually spend our Kids' Day every first Sunday of the month; but because I had a very lovely appointment last Sunday, we decided to celebrate it this Monday. Since it's Pfingsten or Pentecost and it's a holiday in Germany.

Though the weather is really warm like summer, we are not really sure if the water would be too cold for the kids, and for me, too; so we decided to go to a place with both indoor and outdoors pools and that would be in Lampertheim, a few minutes drive from our place.

After a quick breakfast, we headed off to the pool and discovered that we were among the first visitors. The outdoor pool's 24 degrees warm but since it is a bit windy, still cold for the kids. So instead we found a place in the indoor pool.

Here's the wadding pool
An ice cream break

Our place in the sun (and wind, brrr)

Mama, we want to eat (Wir haben hunger!)

A refreshing dip in the... wait, this is the fountain and not the pool :)

MC's place in the sun, she needed at least three towels for that sun bed, arrrgh

there's also a sea and the nude beach is located on the other side

IC's ice cream break

Well, we had fun despite the cold wind in between! We had picnic there, the kids got to eat ice cream, we get to walk along the shore (there's also a sea here), we got to play and we enjoyed the time out. In fact, we stayed there for seven hours! Usually four hours would be too long already! But this time, there was never a dull moment.


feng said...

ahhhh, the joys of summer! iba talaga ang anticipation pag summer na!

the two girls looked very contented with their ice cream cones. and I'm pretty sure this is just the start. more and more swimming and water fun to come!

ScroochChronicles said...

ay bakit nagtatago sa malaking payong? sexy mo ha!!

yung ice cream ni IC...yung heart logo nya parang sa Selecta dito :)

raqgold said...

feng - actually dapat spring time pa e, kaya nga kapag humangin, talagang very cold. pero super init kaya pwede ng simulan ang swim season :)

cookie - kaya ako nagtatago para kunyari seksi, ahahah. atsaka kasi nga kapag humangin, naku dusa ako sa lamig. that ice cream is langnese which i would say is the equivalent of selecta sa atin.