Monday, May 12, 2008

Our Mother's Day

This is already a ritual every Mother's Day.

A few weeks before the day, the kids would be kicking me out of the kindergarten doors as fast as possible; actually, all moms get the same 'loving treatment'. They fear that their secrets would be revealed as they were preparing for their very special surprise gifts.

And at home, Papa would be whispering to the kids with packages in each hands; when they think I am not at hearing and seeing distance; which would then end up with them scrambing to their rooms and shouting 'mama, you are not allowed to go inside our rooms!'

And of course, they would have secret meetings in which I would be behind closed doors. As they would be practicing their Mother's Day special song.

That makes Mother's Day more special for me, the waiting game. Although sometimes, the kids would give me a sneak of what I would be getting. With the extra remonition, 'but I should not tell you this.' As if I asked them :D

Another ritual for Mother's Day would be... I always receive my gifts as soon as we wake up; in bed. And this time, here's what I got: A bath mat with massage function, a spa orange oil, two heart frames which the girls made in kindergarten, and an invitation for dinner in a new restaurant that I have been wishing to visit. There's a short poem attached in the kid's heart frames:

Liebe Mama freue Dich, Dear Mama be glad
denn zum Glück hast du ja mich. that you have me
Dieser Tag wär ohne mich For this day without me
gar kein Muttertag für dich! would not be a Mother's Day for you :D

Alles Liebe zum Muttertag wünscht Dir Isabela / Michaela
And yes, I wasnt allowed to help in preparing breakfast because they have another surprise for me. The kids got busy with papa in the kitchen and I get to stay in bed longer, a very rare occasion indeed, yipeee! And look, we had breakfast in our terrace! Fun.
And then I showed MC the glass with scribbles that she created for me during her first kindergarten year. She was so proud of this glass; and I am proud of her, too. Last year's Mother's Day loots are here.

What else did we do this Mother's Day? I called my Nanay, we dropped by my sister-in-law's house to give Oma (my mom in law) her Mother's Day gift and of couse, wished my sister-in-law a great Mom's Day, too.

And then we went to the restaurant for an early dinner. Where the kids got to play and thus, we had time to savor our sumptuous feast.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the greetings! Happy mother's day to you too.

Nanaybelen said...

It' really touchy if our kids makes surprises during mother' day. My kids surprised me with red ribbon cake

ScroochChronicles said...

looks like you had a wonderful mother's day :)

Liza on Maui said...

Belated Happy Mothers Day. Glad to read you had a wonderful celebration :)

Vk-mahalkaayo said...

belated happy mothers day.....frohe pfingsten auch....

sus mabuti ka may gift from hubby.
ako yon lang b-fast....surprised pa ako, paggising ko ready na lahat.

ang ganda pag ganoon palagi, parang nasa vacation... all

kahapon naman, yon nag-grilled kami, pagkatapos, sa busog, contest kami ni bernie sa
sabi lang ni kim, kaya yon pics, nya para may idebesensia daw....

sabi ko, hindi ko narinig ang sounds achhhh, sabi nya kasi pati puwit ko daw, naggahagok?????

pagkatapos, nagbikes lang kami, dito sa may golfplatz sa amin, ....

yon lang.........

mamaya, 6.30pm, punta kami sa BIL ni bernie, bday nya....yon grilling naman, pero sa garden, so masarap kasi charcoal ang gamit, hindi kagaya sa amin electro, mas masarap talaga ang nature.

ay oo, raquel, gusto mo ng spargel?
yon loto ko?, kailan ka punta rito, sabihin mo lang, para maka gawa ako, einfach lang madali lang.,

maraming spargel ngayon, hindi ba?
kaya we enjoy it, kasi madali lang itong season na ito.

oo bitaw, sa weekend daw, ulan na man....alis pa namin ni bernie....2 nights lang kami, pero wandering place yon puntahan Dahner Felsenland.....

malapit daw sa shoe fabrik, kaya punta rin kami....baka may tag-1euro na sapatos, bili ako ng marami.....heheheheheh

anong size ng feet mo, baka mabilihan kita, basta tag 1euro

sigi, i have to prepare na, hintay na lang namin si kim, alis na kami.
nagpracticum siya up to samstag....
dito lang sa amin....textile store.

tapos si sascha, puasa, nandito sa bahay, judith is in berlin, ausflug sa skol nila up to samstag din.

bukas wrks ako and donnerstag, kaya offline si

alis namin ni bernie sa sonntag pa, sandali lang, dienstag nandito naman.
change of atmosphere lang daw....

sigi, regards to all.......bye and hugs to michaela n isabela.....

Vk-mahalkaayo said...

ay oo nga, natuwa kami sa card nyo sa amin.
at saka yon mga signature sa mga bata....thoughtful naman nila.

pati si isabela nag signed pa.

thanks again ha?

geri said...

We were supposed to have brunch but the weather was lousy that morning so I took a raincheck.

Such cute gifts you have from your bunch! I loved mine too. I think Mother's Day rank second to my birthday and Christmas now ranks 3rd as my favorite day hehe

Anonymous said...

I'm happy for you to have a great Mother's Day celebration! Your IC and MC are growing up so fast.

raqgold said...

aiza - thanks, too!

belen - wow, sarap ng red ribbon!

cookie - it was wonderful, yeah :D

liza - hope you had a wonderful one, too.

vk- shoe fabrik for one euro? weee, penge ako, hahaha. size 36 ako :D am sure we'll be able to meet again to eat spargel and grill together, sarap yon. marunong na magsulat si IC ng name nya, as long as may gagayahin.

geri - now i would say i declare mom's day my first fave holiday ;D

kk - the girls are really growing up so fast, i cant keep up :D

Vk-mahalkaayo said...

silip lang ako.....

ok, i mark your size,,,,hehehe
kaliit naman ng paa mo, parang pakha.

walang ginagawa, karating lang nagbike kami....

sigi, maligo tapos kain, then tulog


oo kain tayo ng spargel, basta yon gawa ko, ok?
wlang wrks yon, si kim na pagawain natin yon, pati grill....

basta sabi ka lang.......para maka bili ako ng spargel n fleish....

raqgold said...

vk - ako may bike pero walang lakas ng loob mag biking dito :D sige, basta will call you for the spargel und grill!

haze said...

Great surprise gifts, eating in the terrace wow you are a spoiled mother :D! I wish to be spoiled too during mother's day and everyday puede rin :D! Thanks for the greetings!

Anonymous said...

i love the message, tama nga naman, without our kids hindi tayo magce-celebrate ng mother's day. :D your girls are so creative at syempre sweet! kung ako yan malamang emote emote na ako, haha!

bhmd! *muah*

Vk-mahalkaayo said...

hindi ka nagbike dyan?....subukan mo, ako noon, ganoon din takot, laging tumba at blau talaga, pero subok ng subok, kuha ko.

tapos yon may back-ride, subukan mo isang 1 sack ng kartoffel,....heheh
para may feeling ka na meron nakasakay sa likod, yon ang ginawa namin ni bernie,.

pero too late na, malaki na si isabela, baka ikaw pa sakay sa

subukan mo, para magbiking kayo with the kids....talagang maganda.

pagkuha mo na ito,...byeeee
mabuti ito sa figure my dear.....ahahahha

raqgold said...

haze - surprises are the best! and being spoiled, too. sana araw araw, tama ka dun, hahaha

meeya - super emote din ako :D

Vk-mahalkaayo said...

ay oo nga, naka record na ang size ng paa mo, pag 36 tapos tag 1euro bili

sana ano?....heheheh

sunday pa alis namin....

walang ginagawa ako ngayon, nagbike si bernie, kim nagpracticum, sascha sa pc nya...

ako sa balkon, ligid-ligid lang....understand mo,bisaya ito,

oo nga ulan daw, pangit nga kaunti ang wetter,....ok lang kasi toyo na ang mga plants,ano?

bye....thnks ha.........

Heart of Rachel said...

I'm glad you had a lovely Mother's Day celebration. I could just imagine how excited the girls were to give you their surprises. Breakfast in the terrace, now that's sweet.

raqgold said...

vk - naku, maulan na nga. sana hindi maulan when you go shopping this sunday :D

rach - it was a real fun day.

feng said...

"kicking me out of the kindergarten doors" -- haha! I could just imagine your anticipation of what they're cooking up for you.

late as this is, Happy Happy Mother's Day Raq! :)

raqgold said...

feng - they do that kicking out thing talaga, para bang they gang up on us mommies kapag nakikita na nila kaming naghahatid, hahaha