Thursday, May 29, 2008

Overnight in Kindergarten

Here's one night we've all been waiting for; tomorrow, May 30, would be a big event in MC's pre-school year -- they, the pre-schoolers, would be spending a night in kindergarten.

This is one night that we've been anticipating with a mixture of excitement and apprehension. Because, you see, MC still could not sleep alone. She still needs the presence of one of us, either mama or papa; to lull her to sleep. If we do leave her alone in her room, she would only march into our rooms and sleep with us. Or if we prohibit this action, she would simply cry her heart out and scream until the whole neighborhood would be knocking in our doors or the police would ring our bell (that never happened but you know, I have this feeling it might :D). So we continued to bring her to sleep and leave her alone when she's deep into the dreamland.

Good thing we started prepping her for this 'event' during our long vacation in the Philippines. Since it is a novelty for both kids to be having their own room in all the hotels where we stayed; sleeping alone in their room was a breeze; that was, until the novelty wore off and they demanded our presence again. But at least, we knew sleeping alone could be done.

A month ago, we again told her that all pre-schoolers like her, would soon have to stay overnight in kindergarten. Her reaction? A big NO! Uh-oh, I told my husband to let it go. And then a few days after that, we got the invitation for the overnight. In that letter, they told us what the kids would need, what activities they would do, that there would be surprises. While I was reading the letter to MC, I saw a spark of interest and then a big smile of excitement. I got excited, too.

The kids would need an airbed, a sleeping sack, a pillow, some basic toiletries, and if they want; a stuff toy to cuddle with. MC started preparing those things early on; she even slept on the airbed inside the sleeping bag two nights before the big night. Of course, although I wasnt in the sleeping bag, she begged me to sleep in the same room. Well, I hope she's ready!

And today, I asked her to choose what kind of lotion, shampoo, soap, toothbrush and toothpaste she wanted to bring for tomorrow. A little more excitement might work on her enthusiasm, too. She dont want to bring a stuff toy as she's afraid that they would get head lice :D And she packed those things in her backpack, plus a face towel, a bath towel, her pajamas, a couple of undies and a change of clothe, all alone.

She's ready to cook scrambled egg for the group for breakfast, too! I dont know if they would be cooking, though. I guess, she's really ready, I hope.

But you see, she kept on asking me what they would get for dinner; as tradition goes, most German households eat only 'cold' at night -- meaning bread and some cold cuts; and that isnt like that at home. Papa already told her, 'you can call us at home if you wanted to eat warm.' Hahaha, as if that would happen.

Anyway the program would start at 3 pm as they would have to prepare their sleeping quarters. And then they would visit the local fire brigade for a tour and would be treated to a special demo show. Normally, the evening would start with a barbecue party in the woods, accompanied by the whole family of the pre schoolers; and then the kids and their teachers would walk thru the woods into the kindergarten, a way to make them tired and sleepy, you know. But it didnt push thru this year for some reason. And of course, the much awaited surprises would be waiting for them all through out.

I am positive this would be a great time for MC. But we are keeping the telephone tomorrow night beside us, to be sure :D


Anonymous said...

This is exciting! I have had the pleasure of having this with the kids in two of the schools I have taught. If you look at the bags, kala mo 3 days mawawala ang mga kids sa dami ng dala :)

My eldest daughter naman 2x went to the Father and Child campette in her school when she was in preschool.

Nanaybelen said...

it is really a parents's instict to be reluctant of letting your kindergarten away overnight. But i admire your kid,

Diary of an Irish Woman said...

crossing my fingers for her big night alone :) hopefully excitement will keep her happy to stay over. Also stickers for sleeping alone and staying in bed work well and getting prize they end of week. Works well with most toddlers.

raqgold said...

julie - i am a light packer so am teaching my kids to be light packers, too! but let's see the others, hahaha

belen - i am okay with it but my husband is a bit apprehensive, and now am too excited for her!

sinead - thanks a lot. you know what, i heard that at least two more kids are also reluctant to join; i guess we're not alone :D and for the tips on stickers and prizes, am gonna do that!

Forever59er said...

Yup, I know all about the dreadful ring of the telephone and the horrible message "come pick me up" "or you have to come pick her up." But i got the feeling it won't happen. Positive thinking, ha!

Anyway, darating ang time you would be dreading the phone call that would say: "Mom I won't be home tonight. Sleeping over at my friend's" Ay ...

lovelyn said...

My eldest can't sleep alone too. Same age as MC.

Looking forward for your next post on this.

haze said...

I think she will enjoy because friends are around. There will be a lot of activities so by the end of the day they will be all dead tired!

Anonymous said...

galing naman that the school does this. i doubt mary will fare any better than MC. she does not sleep alone, either.

raqgold said...

annamanila - it's my husband who's already thinking sooo way ahead when it comes to the girls, am still cool at this time :D and MC did well during the overnight.

lovelyn - will post what happened. am sure it would be interesting for you, too

haze - thanks for the encouragement, i am hoping it would be like that, too

marysmom - they are still in kindergarten :D we prepared her for it for a long time pero sempre with kids, we would never know.

Daisy said...

I hope she has a wonderful time! You probably won't sleep a minute.

raqgold said...

daisy, she enjoyed it. and yep, it was we who missed her.