Monday, May 26, 2008

Left or Right

A small accident last night. I was with MC helping her to prepare her bed while IC was with Papa in the kitchen tending to the newly baked bread.

And then chaos. IC crying and screaming in pain and Papa, in panic, hurriedly marching her into the bathroom saying, 'cold water would help.' Well I quickly run over to them; asking IC what happened but she continued crying. Apparently, IC couldnt resist touching the bread which is still steaming hot!

I held IC's hands, both of them, trying to look for the burned area but my husband was the authority. He took IC's left hand held it under the cold, running water. After that, I took a cold pack and held it over the left hand; but IC forcefully transferred the cold pack to the right hand! Her pain was in the right hand all along.

Now, that was a little bit shocking. If the burn was a dangerous one, we would only find out a little later that we were tending with the wrong hand!

When it comes to accidents like this; panic wont work. It is better to talk to our kids, let them calm down a little as we should calm down, too; and really understand what they are saying. We need to determine where the pain really is. Unless of course we witnessed first hand what really happened so we could proceed to the next step.

And we think we know all, yet there's another lesson learned here.


Nanaybelen said...

good it was just a small accident.
Still...It is the mother who knows the best about her kids.

feng said...

hala, sobrang panic hindi na alam what hand was in pain. good thing naisipan mong i transfer ang cold pack sa right hand. ;) iba talaga ang mother's instict ano.

we are also like that at home. walang presence of mind kung minsan, the more na natataranta at nagpa panic, lalong palpak yung nangyarari. lesson learned: stay cool, and always have presence of mind.

raqgold said...

belen, that was a small incident but am glad we realized in time what really happened

feng - dapat talaga presence of mind and someone should stay calm. and yep, mom's instinct would kick in talaga.

haze said...

Korek ka dyan, iwas panic pero minsan talagang mahirap no !

I just hope IC feels better :D. Am sure you have all the first aid at home ;) !

Vlado&Toni said...

sorry to hear about that, good thing you were able to handle it immediately. naku, minsan yan problem ko sa work when we have injured kids , nagpapa-panic rin ako. good thing my co teacher is real cool and calm about it.. naku, tinatawanan na lang nga ako ng mga colleagues ko kasi minsan nag throw up yung bata, ako rin nag throw up.. hahaha, asar di ba.

Anonymous said...

ouch! wawa naman si ic. i hope she's ok now. if it's any consolation at least you were trying to do something to help her. ;)

raqgold said...

haze - when i give my kids cool pack, almost all kind of pain would go away, i dont know why :) all in the mind siguro

toni - nye, iba naman yung throwing up. i could easily handle mga small incidents calmly pero kapag those things na, ugh, cant take it too.

lady cess - she's ok now, thanks.

geri said...

It's really hard not to panic and maintain presence of mind when it comes to your kids. Hope IC's okay.

Lionel Valdellon said...

When in doubt, treat both hands!

raqgold said...

geri - she's ok na. it's actually my hubby who really panics, minsan i simply tell him to leave us alone :D

lionel - right! eheste left, too :D

ScroochChronicles said...

I hope she isn't so traumatized by the whole experience.

Re: panicking in clutch situations. I think it's always the Moms who seem to have things in control..most of the time.

raqgold said...

cookie, i would say most of the times simply because we are almost always there di ba?