Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Belt and Necklace in One

Here's a favorite accessory of mine: my belt cum necklace gem (guertelkette).

I got it as a gift from my husband last Easter. Actually, I specifically asked for one. I saw something like this in a small jewelry store near our place and simply fell in love with it. When I asked the jeweler what this was, she said:'oh, this is a real beauty. You can wear it as a belt or as a necklace.'

That intrigued me. Though I am not a fan of jewelry and not fond of belts as accessories; I wanted to have one. My husband tried to find one in popular department stores, but nobody can give him a clue where to get it. Once, he was even referred to the belt section! I told him to simply pass by the shop near our house because I already know what I wanted. And lovely man that he is, he got it wrapped and presented the gem with flourish.

The mix of different sparkling and dull gem stones, both precious and semi-precious; stringed together to form a masterpiece makes it one of a kind. I love the rough lay-out, not one stone the same in size; I love the color combination of the stones, they seem to come alive together. And I love the weight of it in me, delicate yet with a strong appeal. I love that the color of the stones can be easily combined with much of the clothes I have. I love it because it was lovingly designed with me in mind.

Yes, I am acquianted with the owner of the jewelry shop and she personally created this piece for me. And, knowing that I have two small kids, she changed the chain from the normal lightweight one, into a very stable type. Thus, I am not afraid to display by precious gem, even if the kids are running around me. Now I use it as a necklace for special dates; or as a belt for casual days; or vice versa!

I think I want another one, with louder colors, for Mother's Day :D

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geri said...

That's a very pretty necklace/belt. And here I was thinking about what kind of belt would go with my almost all white get-up then I see this entry.

raqgold said...

geri - every girl should have one of those, i want two of them actually, hahaha

ScroochChronicles said...

Ang ganda naman niyan!! I love colored gem stones too :)

btw, hows the fitness routine coming along?

haze said...

An elegant necklace and must be expensive too! I prefer, this type of jewelries than gold one ;) except for white gold (love this)!

Jan said...

raq, it's very pretty. i would never think this is a belt. me and my limited mind. hehehe. i can use one for a belt too, eh? cool. thanks for the idea. again, you rock.

btw, you're awarded pala.


from my family blog.


raqgold said...

cookie - i love gems, too. you know what, i jog every morning na and am loving it.

haze - pareho pala tayo. i prefer white gold. this jewel is not so expensive kasi mixed precious and semi precious lang sya e. a great mom's day gift :D

janet - make sure that the necklace is long enough to cover your waist and to knot them; then it would have a double use. and thanks for the award, will check it out later.

Heart of Rachel said...

It's lovely! I like the different shapes and colors of gem stones.

Vk-mahalkaayo said...

ganda ng mga kette nyo self-made.

i am not yet sure, kung yon mga beads ni kim nandoon pa sa attic...dami yon.
pag my time ako, tingnan ko sa mga cartons nya.....hope hindi nya binigay sa k-garten.

sigi, bye

ay oo nga, soot ko ngayon ang pendant bigay mo sa work, nice and cute daw sabi ng mga kasama ko.
thanks again ha?

raqgold said...

rach - the irregularities made them look better

vk - am glad you like the pendant :D

Anonymous said...

happy mothers' day sis kengks!

Anonymous said...

Ooooh that'd look so cool with a casual black or white dress, or a white top and jeans, tapos flip-flops. Niiice!

raqgold said...

marikenya - thanks!

toni - this is a favorite accessory talaga. and most of all, this was made specially for me alone :D nagiisa lang sya!