Thursday, May 15, 2008

MC's Wish

During breakfast, MC rattled on...

MC: Mama, you know what, I have a wonderful wish but I am not telling you because it is a secret.

Mama: Well, if you want to keep it a secret; it's okay. Although you might want to share your wish and I promise not to tell anybody else.

MC: Hmm, okay. I will tell you. I guess now, I want you to know. I wish for a flying pony; but a true flying pony. A real one.

Mama: Oh, you think you would get something like that in true life?

MC: Papa told me that when you wish, you might have your wish come true.

Mama: Well, it might come true if that wish is really good for you. Although some wishes do come true in dreams. (While I was thinking that I need to talk to Papa about this)

And then she changed the subject so abruptly.

MC: Mama, you know L doesnt have toys that I love to play with. (Referring to a friend we visited a few days ago)

Mama: You have to understand that they dont have a lot of money to spend for toys because her papa cant find a regular job.

MC: Are they so poor like the ones we visited in the Philippines? (We visited a charity house for orphans and street children where the kids gave them their toys and clothes)

Mama: Not poor like that because here they still have their own house, they could eat well but they wont have enough to buy more toys.

MC: Then I want to change my biggest wish. Not the flying pony anymore, I wish that L's father could find a job so that they would have enough money.

Mama: What a good girl you are. That is really a nice wish. (And am a proud mama in hearing those words).


ScroochChronicles said... is such a good girl!! now, if only for that, she deserves her flying pony and more :D

Heart of Rachel said...

MC has a really big heart for such a young age.

You just inspired me to share something on my blog about Yohan's wishes. :)

raqgold said...

cookie - naku, last night she prayed again for her flying pony!

rach - cant wait to read johan's wishes

Annamanila said...

Awww, I love love love MC -- a girl after my own heart. But who else could she have learned these values from but mom and dad.

raqgold said...

annamanila - ehem, thanks for the pat in the back but i would also say she's learning to discern these things because of her exposure

haze said...

This only proves that parents are generous! Education really comes from home and I am glad to see kids thinking this way at an early age! This could be rare, BRAVO TO MC!

Anonymous said...

You are so aptly proud! MC has a big heart, and it's a reflection of your upbringing. (naiiyak ako sa kuwento...)

Analyse said...

uy, good girl MC. you could be proud of that, really!

raqgold said...

haze - am glad we are doing right. am going to read these things to MC :D

megamom - kaka-touch hearing those words from a little kulit girl.

analyse - we're so proud of her, yeah.

lionel said...

Charity truly begins at home.
God bless!

raqgold said...

lionel - it is awesome to be hearing those words from a kid. i guess we're doing something right.