Friday, May 2, 2008

I Gained

And I am still gaining! Arrrgghhhh...

In our 5-week vacation last Feb-Mar; I said it is okay. After all, I want to enjoy the vacation; and that would include the food and the rest. But I think I enjoyed eating and rested too much esp here and here. Too much that I didnt know I was gaining so fast.

It was only when I tried on my smallest bikini during the last week of that vacation that I realized, ooopsssss... what happened to me? Either the bikini shrunk or I gained :D Accepting the later, I decided not to look in the mirror again. And I decided to put the bikini away.

And off I went to enjoy the last days of my vacation -- with more food and more rest! To be frank with you, this is the only vacation where I didnt get my fill of cheesecakes! I love cheesecakes. But it was because I susbtituted those yummy cakes for the Krispy Kreme doughnuts. You see, been hearing a lot about this sweets and I wanted to indulge as we dont have this doughnuts in Germany.

So who am I to complain now? I am not complaining, I am getting ready to tell you what I am doing about this and what I plan to do about it; and here's my fitness program:

1. skipping rope for 100 times per day
2. 30 mins in the stationary bike, two times a week
3. walking, walking, walking
4. 30 mins gymnastics ball combined with weights one time per week

and I am planning to go jogging at least two times a week. I've actually started yesterday, yohoo!

Now dont ask me about my diet :)


Jan said...

and you have pr3 here. it means a lot to a blogger that gets paid to write/blog. higher pr means higher pay.

well, i gained a lot too from my 6-week vacation in the phils. too much rest and food. good for you, you have a fitness program. i wish i can be disciplined in following any fitness programs too. wish you the best in your fitness plan!

raqgold said...

janet - thanks for letting me know :) that's my fitness program and i wish i could do that regularly esp now that barbecue time na ulit :D

Chateau said...

Hi raquel! Good luck with your fitness program... The hardest part is always getting started. Get past that and the rest is will be easier. :)

haze said...

Sports is the best way to lose weight ;) ! I started not dieting but changing my food intake habit. Therefore, I can still eat what I want. I lost 3 kls and hubby 7 kls. My secret: eat meat twice a week, more on fish and steam vegetables, soup at salad during the night. I don't use oil for cooking instead I put them in the oven. I try to avoid eating starchy food like pasta, tarts, cakes! You don't looked as if you gained weight! Maybe it's just the question of toning your muscles ;) ! Good luck Raggold :D !!!

raqgold said...

chats, thanks for the encouragement. i know how successful you were with yours, idol :D

haze, nakow - i cant resist sweets! but i might work on steaming the veggies and using the oven more. and yep, we love salad and soup but with a main dish.

Heart of Rachel said...

That sounds like a great fitness program. Keep up the healthy routine!

ScroochChronicles said...

Good luck!! So, Krispy Kreme pala ang culprit ha..hehehe :)

raqgold said...

rach, i am loving jogging better :D kahit na magisa lang ako.

cookie, right, krispy kreme because i kept on reading them from the mom bloggers such that it made me hoard them, hahaha

geri said...

Raq, you don't look like you gained at all. I can't blame you with the Krispy Kreme donuts. They even tell me that they even taste so much better freshly baked. Takot akong mag-try baka I will be a regular at their bakery haha

It's been 6 months I've been on my program and now I crave having to workout even in my off days. Pretty soon ganyan din ang feelings mo. Good luck and remember everything has to start with that first step which you have taken already.

raqgold said...

geri - people tell me that too, that i dont look like i gained. but they dont see me when I stand naked in front of the mirror :D and i feel it the heaviness too. and you are right, when i started skipping rope and jogging, it became a routine already. plus the fitness program makes me feel confident.