Friday, March 28, 2008

The world according to MC and IC

I should have started listing them down earlier, but MC's and IC's rules just became so glaring when we were on vacation. Because on vacation, sometimes or most of the times, the rhytmns from home could be and should be forgotten.

And so it goes...

1. When it is daylight, we must wake up; when it is dark, we must sleep. And when the windows or blinds are closed, we simply need to open them for the sunlight to seep in :D

2. When the food is too hot, drink cold water then your tongue could tolerate the warm food.

3. Dont pour water in a glass while holding it, you need to put the glass down on the table. And dont drink while walking.

4. Two ponytails must always be straight!

5. A table napkin is a must on the dinner table.

6. Always knock before opening doors; and also, always ask if someone is behind the door, before opening it.

7. Pray before meals.

8. When alone at home, never answer the phone and dont open the door when the door bell rings.

9. Dont talk when your mouth is full.

10. Always wash your toothbrush, but before adding the toothpaste, make sure it is dry again!

11. Always pat your jacket from the neck down; and your socks and stockings should be stretched right; and the pair of shoes shining; before going out of the house.

12. Always put on a fresh underwear when you wake up in the morning; and before sleeping at night.

13. Pajamas should be worn to sleep and not just t-shirts.

14. Coke/Pepsi is only available during vacation; not at home.

15. Seat belts should be fastened at all times.

16. And why dont we need our car seats in Manila?

17. There should always be something to play with whenever waiting for food in restaurants.

18. Egg is a must for breakfast.

19. Clothes must be changed everyday.

20. Always lock the door when inside the car. But before closing the car doors, ask first if all the fingers and feet are already in the car.

I am sure there are more but here's the list of those that were repeatedly 'violated' during the vacation for one reason or the other :D


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Analyse said...

lol on #20. oo nga naman hehe.

ps: and i was wondering why bitin yung unang article, you divided it pala hehe.

raqgold said...

naku, ulit ulitin talaga yang no. 20 na yan. at least three times magtatanong kung wala ng nakasabit na paa at kamay, bago isara ang pinto, which is good naman, hahaha

Vk-mahalkaayo said...

thanks for sharing these......

you are really a gut mutter.....

when we meet?......

raqgold said...

vk - thanks vk - kapag hindi na maulan, let's set a date. kasi this weekend may outing ang kindergarten tapos next weekend meron akong seminar sa baden-baden for two days.

ScroochChronicles said...

Funny yung #1. It just occured to me, ano react nila pag dumadaan ng tunnel? Kasi yung Hezzies ko start snoring when we pass tunnels and underpasses. Dumidilim eh. Di gabi na..hahaha :)

Vk-mahalkaayo said...

OK, raq,
mas gusto ko rin yon sunny days or wlang ulan....

sigi pag time na.........

kahit kailan, mabuti kung sommer na sana ano?

pangit naman ang wetter ngayon....akala ko tuloy na yon, spring time.


raqgold said...

cookie - hahaha, tama nga naman. iba naman reaction nina MC at IC, kapag sa tunnel, lumalaki mata nila, hahaha

vk - sige, let's watch the wetter, we have also ordered our grill fleisch, hahaha. basta, let's talk.