Friday, February 20, 2009

Fitness Partners

I admire my husband.

He's kept his diet plan and jogs regularly since November last year. He's lost weight and gained more confidence and loves it! I envy him, actually :D

I have been planning to keep up with him. But there's Christmas and new year and it was so cold and it was too slippery and I have no time and and and... Yup, excuses!

That was before I realized, my favorite pair of jeans doesnt fit me anymore!

I forgot the many excuses and started with watching what I eat. And I asked my husband for a date last Monday, we went jogging.

The first day it was raining. The second day it was snowing. The third day it was slippery. The fourth day it was stormy.

Yet we went on our jogging date. So you see, if there's a will? There's jogging paths :D


Auee said...

Goodluck! :-)

Ako nga din dapat mag-diet na bago umuwi sa atin. I won't even say "dapat mag-exercise" hay naku, give up na ko dyan.

Vlado&Toni said...

oh wow, it's as if mother nature was testing your determination. you've won! hurray :) all the best with your diet and fitness plan. i have to do one soon too.

raqgold said...

auee, uwi ka sa pinas? pareho lang tayo ng pramis everytime about exercises and diets. pero now that my hubby and i are partners, it is easier.

toni, it is easier with a partner :) ask vlad to join you.