Saturday, February 14, 2009

Our Valentine's Day

The kids were 'secretly busy last night.

MC and IC quietly slipped out and armed themselves with color pens, paste and papers; some glitters and decors, too. And they warned me: do not go in our rooms and that I should come only when they call for help.
This morning, I woke up being tickled and kissed. Then the girls and my husband gave me these cards. I got an invite to my favorite restaurant from my husband and the girls gave me their Valentine-flavored cards.

MC wrote everything by herself. My seven year old is making me real proud :D
She wrote:
Für Mama, alles gute fur VPalentinstag,
wünschen wir dir
14 Februar 2009
Liebe Mama
Rough translation:
For Mama, we wish you a happy Valentine's Day
14 February 2009
Dear Mama
Another gift is this orchid we got yesterday from Ikea. I knew it would be my Valentine's day gift but of course I pretended not to notice.
Now I gave my husband a cap and a bottle of sparkling wine that we would drink tonight and I gave the girls a stick on tatoo with glitters and chocolate-shaped chocolates. After all, Valentine's day is not only for lovers but for families, too.

How did we spend a family-filled Valentine's day? Since it snowed last night, we decided to go with the kids to the mountains to sled.


hisnameisdencios said...

so sweet ms.kengks.. i know you enjoyed your Valentines :) stay in love!

Bem said...

aw! your husband and kids are really sweet and thoughtful.

happy heart's day raq!

Vlado&Toni said...

aw.. so sweet.. love the heart on snow :)

gladyspillbox said...

aww.. so this is their gift.. :D SWEEET :D i've just finished reading your other blog. :D
CUTTTE! happy valentines!


Heart of Rachel said...

Your hubby and daughters are so creative and very thoughtful. I'm glad you had a memorable Valentine's celebration with your family.

raqgold said...

dencio - it was fun, thanks for dropping by here :D

bem - thanks, am sure you had fun, too

toni - sometimes we could do them together :D

gudang - salamat sa pagdaan, buti di ka naligaw, hehe

rach - love makes them creative, hahaha