Monday, February 9, 2009

I am a daughter, not a hero

What would you do if your parents ask for your help?

Any kind of help: simple, extreme, easy, hard, funny, sad, frustrating, smooth-sailing, even on dangerous missions as they see somethings sometimes...

Cook for them. Pay for their medicine. Call them regularly. Visit them. Do their bed. Wash their laundry. Go on vacation with them. Talk to them. Listen to them. Hug them. Drive them somewhere.

I would open my heart, my mind, my soul... and be there for them; as much as I can when I am so far away from them and much much more when I am just a few minutes drive away.

They are, after all, not young anymore. I was once young and they were there for me, even on extreme cases and not so easy moments. They sacrificed a lot for me and I am ready to sacrifice a lot for them in return.

I am brought that way, and I am glad I was brought that way. And I love that way, too.

Let me make it clear though. I am not trying to be a hero, I am simply being a daughter.


Vlado&Toni said...

naku, timing naman tong post na to, just spoke to my mom a while ago eh of course kailangan ng help, step father was in the hospital :( time for the kids to assist and help.

Analyse said...

i would do the same too!

raqgold said...

toni - am sorry to hear this. i hope everything would be okay. helping out is natural for most of us, right?

analyse - i hope most of us would do the same :D

haze said...

This is a well brought up daughter and later on became a good parent !