Friday, February 27, 2009

Talking about Stealing

Mama, do you know what, A wanted to steal F's wallet in the school.

I was shocked with what I heard so I asked her to repeat them word for word.

MC slowly told her story again: A saw that F's wallet is full of money so she thought of trying to steal that wallet. But MC told her that she must not do that.

And then she admitted with a frown that since A kept on pestering her about it, MC told her she should just go and do it. Upon hearing those words, my husband intervened and told her...' next time you should simply keep quiet or inform the teacher that someone is pestering you that you cannot concentrate on school works.'

He explained further that she might be blamed if the wallet is reported lost or worst, if reported stolen.'

And I added that the next time A or someone else talks to you about stealing, inform the teacher.

I hope we said the right things. We cannot choose the friends of our children but we could always tell them how they should behave when their friends go astray.


iris said...

that's kind of serious.. but i agree with you. we may not be there 24/7 with our kids to tell them what's right and wrong, but what we teach them should be enough to keep them out of trouble. but i'll add to that: the rest i'll just pray to God for. :)

Vlado&Toni said...

i'm glad she told you this story so you can tell her how to deal with it. you are lucky that MC is really telling you the stories of her day. some kids don't talk much about school events to their parents.. which is really sad. makes the parents worry more.