Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Is she being bullied?

MC came home from school last Wednesday with a long face. She told me what happened.

She had to go in front of the class to her teacher because the bad boy in the class hit her so hard with his sport bag that she hurt. She informed her teacher. The teacher told the boy that when he do that again, he would be punished. He is a repeat offender.

And then MC told us that later on, it was another boy who kicked and picked on her. I told her she should tell the teacher. And make sure that the boy would hear from the teacher about it.

Opa heard about it. His advice? 'Next time, when she warned him and still he continued hurting her? She should give something back but make it hurt. Well, that's the soldier speaking :D

And my husband? He told her when it happened again, warn the boys that next time, she would kick back.

I dont know with men, they seem to miss some points or are they into scoring? I am glad MC simply laughed about it with them.

I repeated to her that she should first tell her teacher about it. The punishment should come from her first. I told her to trust her teacher for she knows what to do. But I told her that it is good that she told us about what happened.

Is she being bullied? I dont think so. I think the kids were simply too wild that day.


Vlado&Toni said...

oh kids, they can really be mean sometimes .. hope it's really is just a phase. we have 1 boy in our class as well who we watch all the time because he can be aggresive.

raqgold said...

i do hope, too. that boy is a repeat offender na kasi e.