Monday, February 2, 2009

I am Stupid

MC's got a tantrum and she chose to turn her temper on her Papa.

Then, she came running to me declaring, 'Ich hab schon heute morgen gesagt, Ich bin doof.' (I already told myself this morning that I am stupid).

Repeating herself over and over again that she is stupid. I told her she dont believe this. She ignored me and continued berating herself for being stupid.

I asked her then why she thinks she is stupid. I asked her what stupid means. I asked her to explain why she feels stupid. I asked her to let me know what stupid is.

Her only answer was to shake her head but she stopped crying.

I told her that she is not stupid. I told her that she is only saying that word because she is angry. I told her I know she is disappointed. And I know that she's saying that to get back to her Papa.

Then she gave me a big hug and simply cuddled closer. After a few minutes, she left my side and I saw her talking to her papa, explaining something. And they came out together smiling afterwards.

No, she is not stupid.


haze said...

Sometimes I consider this as an expression and not projecting something bad !

raqgold said...

haze - i dont really know. because a day before MC came to me telling me that a classmate went home crying because some kids told her that she is stupid. so i guess they know that the word isnt good but if they know the real meaning of that word? hayy

Daisy said...

Kids' teasing has longlasting effects, unfortunately. Good for you in pointing out what she seemed to be really feeling.

raqgold said...

daisy, it wasnt easy at that time but am glad i found the right questions to ask.