Sunday, September 27, 2009


'>All is ok with the family of Anya -- all is ok, God is good' 3 pm, Sept 28

that little girl in white and red is anya.she is my goddaughter.
she just turned 2 this september.
her mom texted me yesterday afternoon that their house in san mateo is neck-deep in water; some family are on their rooftops already.
she asked for prayers.i texted her back saying i am praying for them and for all of those affected by the floodwaters.
i tried to call her. nothing.
at around 10 pm, i called another friend. she said the last text from her was that they were only able to grab two bottles of water.
they are a family with two kids, and her parents are not young anymore.

then she texted me at midnight. she said a little better but still flooded.
no water, no electricity.and then in the morning, she said water has receeded.
they are cleaning. but they have no more food. until 5 pm this sunday, no food.

it is now monday morning, 1 am; we have been trying to reach her. trying to organize something. monitoring. keeping a vigil.
anya, ninang (godmother) is trying to help you. your mama's friends are trying to help you.
tell your mama, your ate, your lolo and lola and whoever is there with you... we are praying for you.

whoever could help those people in san mateo, thanks a lot. let's continue praying.

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