Thursday, September 10, 2009

I'm not allowed to play with you

MC is happy that she is finding more friends in school. But what she misses most are those playmates who would visit her at home.

I told her she could invite her friends to our home and she excitedly approached one while I observed them from afar.

In a second, MC came back with a little frown saying, 'my friend said her mom told her she is not allowed to play with me in our house.'

I explained to her that she must not take that personally. Her friend wont accept her invitation maybe because her mom forbid her to say yes without asking first for permission. The same thing I keep telling them, 'to let me know first before deciding on such things as playtime, birthday invites and house visits with other kids.'

Plus, I told her that since the school just started, some people needed a little time until the parents would get to know more the kids and their parents in school before they would be allowed to visit each other.

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