Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I want my own cellphone, too

And now my five-year-old IC wants her own cellphone, too.

Remember that we gave her big sister, MC, her own cellphone a few weeks ago? here

Well, MC followed the rules; though it was always a big discussion everytime she would ask permission to bring the phone to school. We never gave in. Plus, she has since forgotten about her own cellphone; and never misses it.

Here comes IC. Asking when she could get her own. Because she wanted to call her friends anytime she wants to.

When I asked her if her friends also have their own cellphones; she shook her head. 'So there's no need for your own cellphone if you cannot use them to call your friends,' I smiled to her.

I told her that her sister doesnt have one anymore; and appears not to need one at all. I told her that she doesnt need one because most of her friends are with her in the same school.

And if she wanted to call her friends, she is welcome to use mine or her Papa's or better still, use the house phone. But, she must always ask permission and let us know who she is calling.

I explained to her that she is also too young to have her own cellphone. Having a cellphone involves money and she doesnt want to use her allowance for such silly things as a cellphone; to which she vigorously agreed.

'When could I get my own cellphone?' she couldnt resist asking. I told her when she is old enough to realize what is really important to her -- a cellphone, that she could tinker with alone the whole day; or a toy, that she could play with and have fun with someone else.

That's when she took my hand and guided me to her toys.

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