Sunday, September 20, 2009

What is good with smoking?

One morning, MC, 7 year old looked up to me seriously and asked, 'Mama, what do you think is good with smoking?'

'You buy a cigarette. Then you light it up. Then you inhale. Then you exhale,'she added. 'And what good does it do?'

I didnt ask her why she suddenly have an interest about smoking; especially since nobody smokes in our household. She wants to know and I will try to inform her.

And so I explained to her that I dont also see what is good about smoking. The thing that you inhale and exhale and that creates smoke is a strange something that your body dont really need for it to grow. In fact, it would even make your body sick. I told her of someone close to us who used to smoke a lot; and ended up in the operating table fighting for his life. It will only make the family sad when such things happen.

She simply nodded and said, 'I heard that smoking is fun. But what is fun in it if you would be sick?'

'I dont think smoking is good. I am glad nobody smokes in our family,' and she cuddled closer to me.

I wonder how she got interested in this topic? But I hope I managed to answer her questions and influence her in a positive way.

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