Saturday, September 5, 2009

A 'No' is Okay, Too

The girls were invited to a kiddie birthday party where the adults were allowed to stay (for a change :D).

They joined the lines in the salon, in the face painting, in the balloon-making, in the sweets corners; but they balked on the idea of joining the games. But IC, my five year old, just cant hold her excitement when she saw that the kids who joined the games got prizes for their efforts and got extra gifts when they won.

I was thinking she wanted to join the contest to get those; but nope, my clever girl wants to get them her own special way as she asked me, 'Mama, could you please ask the host of the party if she could give me those prizes simply as gifts?'

I smiled at her cleverness and told her that would be unfair to the other kids but her answer made me move, she said, 'You know what mama, if she said 'no', that would be okay. The main thing is we asked her.'

That made me grab her hands to bring her to the host. One thing though, I told her she should be the one to ask. And she did ask. And she got a 'yes' and her handful of gifts.

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