Thursday, March 29, 2012

Our Carnival Story 2012

My kids are carnival fans. Therefore, we already have collected a boxful of costumes, aside from the princess costumes that are carefully hanged.

But this 2012, to my surprise, it turned out that my girls wanted as much as possible to avoid turning into a princess!

The first costume-wearing day started on the second week of February, on a Wednesday. MC attented the youth volunteer fire brigade party on a princess dress because a friend's requested her to. 'She doesn't want to be the only one in a princess dress so I agreed to wear one, too,' explained MC. When in truth, she wanted to be a pirate.

On Thursday, which is traditionally known as the Fat Thursday; MC dressed up as one of the candidates in Deutschland Sucht den Superstar (equivalent to The American Idol). I had to print and cut out those logos and numbers the night before!!! We added a microphone as a necklace as a funny touch. IC chose to be Pocahontas, borrowing the costume from a friend. We created a headdress the day before.

My carnival girls took a break on Friday.

On Saturday we attended a party in a local sports gymnasium. MC dressed-up as a clown. She assembled it using a mixture of my old hippie costume, a big red and yellow dotted ribbon, plus a red and yellow make-up. IC decided to be a pirate with a face tattoo.

On Sunday, the girls obliged with princess costumes because we are gracing the Mini Princess Ball! MC is supposed to be Snow White, wearing her first communion dress and Oma's vintage boots. IC wore a pink princess dress with her blue pair of shoes.

In all these parties, the girls enjoyed, according to their moods.

MC came home from the firemen ball with warm slices of pizza and some chocolate bars. She said they were asked to bring home some because there were too much food.

The school party was okay. Although a friend of MC, the one who wore a princess costume during the firemen ball, cried; because the boys teased her about her princess dress. As for IC? Her friends wanted to know how she did her headdress! They all loved it.

The local gym's party overwhelmed both girls. It was our first time to attend the big event. We don't know anybody (though it turned out a friend of MC's there, and a family friend with his kids were also present); plus, we arrived a little late so we had to drag some chairs near the stage to be able to watch the show. MC joined some of the games, IC just looked. But both girls participated everytime the emcee starts to throw threats in the air; and I get to shake my booty on the dance floor with MC (IC is too shy). And both girls loved the food: cakes, french fries and sausages.

The mini princess ball was a hit. But this time, the party mood is already fever high. We skipped the traditional carnival parade in the next city; it's just too cold. And instead, a warm party hall, our first time to attend, too! This time, we arrived early. So early, the party hall was still closed.

Anyway, because we arrived early, we got the best seats in the house. The girls met and played with some school friends during the wait and thus, are eager and excited to join all the games. They were amazed and amused because the program were fabulous; and they danced, danced, danced. This time, nobody wanted to dance with me :-)

Oh, the shower of threats happened in the end of the ball!! I only have a small bag with me, good thing I have my cowboy hat (I was wearing the a cowboy costume the whole time); the girls had to stuff the rest in their jacket pockets.

The last party day for the carnival fans was on a Tuesday. We attended the street party without make-up or costumes. Normal people this time, as IC said.
It is a good thing, too. Because we decided to drive up the mountains and visit the tower ruins. If they were on their costumes, I doubt if they could climb those narrow and uneven steps.

Here is a a view of the tower from the street party.

And the photo below is the view from the mountain. We could see how bigget the crowd got in the street party. We could hear the music from up there!

Oh, but we also had a great time touring the ruins. We had to be careful in going up the tower because the steps are too narrow and too steep. But the view is great! And the girls love it that they could run around the tower grounds.

Here's the view of the street party from the top of the tower.

Whew, it was an adventure going up and down the tower. We rewarded the kids by bringing them to their favorite Greek restaurant; where after a good dinner, the girls received their usual free ice cream.

That is our weeklong carnival story :-)

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