Sunday, March 18, 2012

Warning: Sex Education in Grade 4 Starts on Monday

Okay, we have been warned. A note from MC's teacher said it all.

On Monday, sex education starts on Grade 4 Class A.

They would share knowledge about the human body, answer questions about friendship and explore on ways to handle feelings.

The students were told to, if possible, list down their own questions and bring age-appropriate answers and books.

The sex education subject would include units in:
-friendship, love and feelings
-body development of boys and girls or puberty
-love and sexuality
-how a baby is created

The teacher emphasized that working with the parents is a very important part of the lesson. Parents are asked to support the subject by talking about it at home. It was also asked that each students bring a baby photo plus the story of their birth.

Plus, the parents are welcome visit the classroom to check out the materials being used; and if we have questions, to ask.

I remember in 2008, there was a discussion on starting sex education in Germany on the third grade. I guess it did not push through.

As for my girls, we have been talking about the birds and the bees when they were in kindergarten. I guess, that should count?

I have started talking with MC, a little bit earlier, about the development of her body just because she seemed curious about some things. Like we have explored about getting breasts -- that in time her chests might hurt or might be itchy because she'd be developing breasts. That would be the time to start looking for bras for her.

And of course, that she would be getting not only underarm hair; but also, down there, when she's a bit older.

Then, we touched on the subject of getting monthly periods simply because she knows when I have my period and how I take care of myself when I have those periods. She'd a bit confused, but I assured her that it won't hurt; although some girls experience some inconvenience.

As for boys? Well, she's a big fan of Pietro Lombardi, last year's winner of the Deutschland Sucht den Superstar (equivalent to The American Idol). But I haven't heard her really talking and giggling over 'boys'. Only that she finds them a little 'doof' (stupid) and loud.

Now MC's birth story? She's been hearing the story again and again. As she's also been asking to hear them, again and again.

The girls cannot usually wait for their turn in letting us know about their school day during lunch. They would tell us everything. Would MC let us know what was discussed during the first day of their sex education class?

Let's see what Monday would bring!


Snow said...

I also believe that sex education should be taught early to kids so that they can understand the birds and the bees. German government is doing good on this. :)

raqgold said...

hi snow, unlike in the philippines ano? but it is best to be prepared at home when those questions arise :-)