Saturday, March 24, 2012

You will be missed, Kuya Nilo

Photo taken in 2008, Kuya Nilo is the one second one on the right.
Dear Kuya Nilo (Brother Nilo),

I am pretty sure of this.

Your body left the earth because you wanted to have the best place to watch over your wife and your three daughters up there.

I know it was not easy for them to let you go.

It was so abrupt. One moment you were there. Another second you were hanging on to life.

I heard it was hours of banging for your life. But in the end, they have to say goodbye. You were needed someplace else.

And although we are sad that you left, there are memories to remember you by.

You being always on the move. Always busy with your skillful hands doing repairs for anything working on electricity. Always busy with friends enjoying your own way of relaxation; (hey, who doesn't love karaoke!!). Always busy with loving your family in your own special way.

Your three girls? I can't believe how big they are now. I am sure they have their own special memories of their Papa in their hearts. I am sure they are very proud of you. I am sure they would love you forever.

Your wife, Ate Thess (Sister Thess)? I am sure she is flooded with special memories. I am sure she is very proud of you. I am sure she would love you forever.

Your family and friends? I am sure they would remember you in kindness.

Rest in peace, Kuya Nilo.

You will be missed.


Anonymous said...

dear keng,
salamat sa letter mo addressed to your kuya nilo. so touching. indeed he'd be missed by everybody who knew him most esp. by tess and his daughters. alam mo naman kung gaano nya kamahal ang mga ito and how he'd served them in every little way. na spoil nya silang lahat. now that he's gone they have to make a very big adjustment their life.not just a mere adjustment but a really big one. let's hope and pray that they could cope with this soon.

my regards to everybody out there most esp. to your husband and daughters.

ingat. God Bless.

ate mercy

raqgold said...

dear ate mercy,

thanks for leaving a message. indeed, it would not be easy for ate thess and the girls to forget kuya nilo; but am sure his memories would give them the power to move on.

i hope everything is okay with you and the whole family, the whole barangay :-)

God bless!