Wednesday, March 7, 2012

DIY: Pajama Party Invitation Cards

MC's pajama birthday party was finally held late this January. She turned 10 years old so we agreed to a pajama party. In fact, we did practice, right?

But first we have to agree about the invitation cards. We worked on different ideas: pajama party means pillows, beds, popcorn, breakfast, sleeping bags, pajamas, etc.

We sketched a pajama shaped-invitation which ended up looking like a prisoner's uniform that we skipped the idea. We toyed with the idea of creating mini pillows and attaching the invites, but it's a stressful thing to do on a busy December weekend. Fortunately, I found a pillow pattern in the internet which saved our day.

What you need to create a pajama party invitation card:
- a pair of scissors
- colored paper
- bond paper
- glue or paste
- white feather ( we used colorful plastic flowers instead)
- your computer and your colored printer, of course!

Here is the pillow pattern and here is the pouch pattern. After printing the both patterns, cut them out, shape and paste them together according to instructions.

Since the pillow pattern's words are in the German language, re-create the pillow by sketching it out and adding your own words. Another idea is to sew mini pillows using scraps of fabric; stuffing them with cotton or stripes of fabric and place one inside those pouches.

Afterwards, create your invitation letter. Don't forget to make a short list of what to bring: pajamas, a pair of house shoes/socks, toothbrush and toothpaste, towels, sleeping bags, pillows, etc.

Insert the invitation letter and a feather or in our case, colored plastic flowers inside the pouch. And distribute the invites as early as possible.

Another important thing, ask if any the invited kids require any special attention when it comes to food.


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Ang cute naman! Mukha talaga syang pillow!

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