Saturday, December 10, 2011

MC is 10

Dear MC,

You are now 10 years old!

With very simple requests for your birthday: a monopoly banking game board and a music CD from your favorite tennie pop singer Pietro Lombardi.

And a very simple birthday menu: Spinach with Gnocchi (Papa just added Fried Chicken Breasts just because...). As for your birthday cake, I should have baked the traditional teddy bear birthday cake like you requested, but instead, I decided to bake a Peach-Almond Cake which turned out to be too salty! But you were a trooper and just shrugged it off, saying, 'Mama, it's ok. Just make more donuts.'

And no, despite offering you the choice of places to have fun on your birthday -- you don't want to leave the house at all. You just want to play with your monopoly; and have your favorite dinner cooked and served at home.

There's your vaulting club, where you celebrated today by bringing a pack of mini donuts for your group. You did bring some donuts to the neighborhood kids and the elderly neighbors just because you wanted to.

But the real kiddie birthday would be this January, as you wanted all your friends to be present. Despite that, we already practiced for your 'pajama themed birthday party.' See the photo on the top? That was you practicing your song for your future pajama party. Then I guess we just need to practice more, right?

We could dance all night again. We could sing all night again. We could eat midnight snacks again. That was fun, right? Who would have thought practicing for a birthday party would be that exciting? But am sure the real kiddie party would be fun, too.

You are hardworking. You love cooking. You love the outdoors. You love exploring the road less travelled, figuratively. You love climbing trees. You love fruits. You are always curious. You are starting to love books, too.

You hate chocolates. You hate chaos. You hate being teased. You hate it when IC plays too rough with our dog, Rikki. You hate being late.

You are proud that you are now 10 years old. We are, too!

And don't worry if you cannot get the lighter to work, nor to light a match in one strike -- there's enough time for learn those things.

Happy Birthday, dear MC! We love you.


haze said...

Hi Raquel, nagpaparamdam lol ! My everyday life has gotten crazy after moving. Haven't got enough time to blog, but here I am visiting everyone and see what's going on. Blogging world is very quiet :( !

Happy birthday to your lovely MC, she has grown up so fast and that's means, she's becoming more independent dalagita ! She's so precious, cheers to good health MC and continue to be a nice daughter to your parents :) !

raqgold said...

hi haze, i know the feeling, stress pure! and you are right, the mom bloggers are quiet bec most of them are in FB! you take care.