Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Did you choose the date of my birth?

'Why is it that my birthday is December 10?' MC asked me. 'I wanted a different birthdate. How could you choose such a date?'
My answer was, 'I didnt choose your birthdate. The doctor gave me an estimated date of your arrival and you chose to come 10 days earlier. Therefore, it was you who wanted that date.'

I explained further that it was the same with IC, she came 10 days earlier, too. And I went on to inform you the cute details that happened during THAT day as you both eagerly savored the stories and giggled deliciously.

MC's birthdate story goes like this: I was telling her papa that after putting up all the Christmas decors, the baby could come. We went shopping in Mannheim, a big shopping area in Germany and had a dinner of spicy Mexican food. That night, I saw a drop of blood in my urine and I told my husband that I just saw the sign that our baby is coming. (My mother warned me it could start with just a drop of blood).

We got ourselves ready, I took a shower even, lugged my bag and we drove to the hospital in Heidelberg. At around 1 am, the parking lot is empty. But of course, my husband's nervousness made him miss the big post in front of him. Not a big damage, but it happened :D

MC laughed so hard and made me repeat the story again and again. IC was giggling beside me.

IC's birthdate story meanwhile goes: We have prepared MC to get used to sleeping without us; brought her to her aunt to stay overnight to 'practice' once. Around midnight (again), my water broke. We woke MC up, she was two years old at that time, she readily got up, dressed herself up -- all alone.

We called up her aunt and she was picked up after a few minutes; before my husband and I drove to Heidelberg. In the middle of our trip, I remembered I didnt help MC put on her shoes. (It was cold that early morning in April) When we called her aunt up, she told us MC's got shoes on. I guess she learned how to put on her shoes that night. (Good girl!)

Oh, and that the first night that MC slept alone with her papa in our big bed; she cried because as she said, 'I miss mama.'


anney said...

Kakatuwa namn ang birth stories nila! Happy belated birthday to your daughter!

raqgold said...

thanks anney! i had to write those stories down so i won't forget!