Friday, December 16, 2011

Advent Market Visit

All in white
This is a German tradition and therefore, a tradition we warmly embrace in our family, too.

A week before the first Sunday of Advent, most shops offering Advent items especially the flower shops featuring Advent wreaths, gift articles and home craft elements; have an Advent Market Special.

All in orange

Now that Saturday and Sunday are not normal shopping days. These are exciting days because aside from welcoming the Advent and the coming of Christmas; the shops also welcome shoppers and window shoppers with small treats: there are free Christmas cookies, slices of cakes (mostly stolen), candies and drinks (hot choco, tea, coffee or juices sometimes even sekt).

Everybody are allowed to move around, check the merchandises while eating and/or drinking. Most people take the chance to chat up with acquiantances; most kids take the chance to stock up on sweets and stuff themselves with the first taste of the Christmas sweets; most active DIY enthusiasts take the chance to check out the Advent style for the year. Most visitors take the chance to have fun and go home with something new for Advent in their bags.
All in violet
The only things we brought home from the Advent Market are two orange stars and a bunch of fir twigs. Because this year, together with my girls, we created our own Advent wreath. Starting another Christmas tradition, because the girls enjoyed our craft time and made me promise we would do it again next year.

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