Saturday, December 31, 2011

Silvester : New Year's Eve 2011

It is the same thing every year...

The same rituals mixing German and Philippine traditions.

The Philippine traditions include: prominently displayed nine (some says 12, some says 13) different kinds of rounded fruits, the wearing of dotted clothes, some coins in our pockets, and creating noise: all done for good luck.

The German traditions are: watching the comedy skit 'Dinner for One' on TV, the Bleigissen ritual involving a molten lead, the table fireworks spitting out good luck mini figurines, those giant pretzels, the chimney sweeper figures, the clover plants, the lady bug chocolates and the marzipan pigs. Of course, those things are supposed to bring luck, too.

Then we have our Raclette dinner which this year are planned by the girls. The menu includes: mini burger, beef, chicken, shrimps, bell pepper, mushrooms, cheese, pineappple, toast, bacon, tomatoes. Side dishes include green salad and Jasmine rice. Dessert is maybe just something like this.
And the drinks. Let us not forget them. The girls loved our Christmas cocktail drinks (non-alcoholic for them) that they wanted more... They want the orange-grape punch which is just a mixture of orange and dark grape juice with slices of peaces. But instead I am doing this.

orange-grape punch

For my husband and I, there's Kir Royal for apperitif which I am mixing for the first time and Sekt (Prosecco), of course!

The girls are ready to stay up until midnight. What are their plans to keep awake? Here's their list: disco, karaoke, tv watching, games, not to mention -- eating and drinking binges!! Therefore I am preparing fingerfood such as dates on bacon, mini pastete (tarts), and mixed nuts/chips.

To greet 2012, we have table fireworks and some kiddie-safe noise makers such as paper horns and the pots and pans :-). Ok, ok. Yesterday we bought some fireworks, choosing those smaller and easier to handle.

And we plan to keep Rikki on a leash as the noise might scare her. We don't want to spend the early hours of 2012 looking for her in the woods!

Happy New Year to All!


Vk-mahalkaayo said...

hallo Rac,

first, i greet you all..........A prosperous New Year, 2012!

kumusta na, how´s the kids, beide in the school already?

sorry, ngayon lang ako, nandoon na kasi ako palagi sa facebook, as my family nandoon cla.

sigi, balik na lang ako dito to read all your updates.

again, A blessed New Year!


anney said...

Ang bilis ng panahon ano 2012 na agad! Hope you all have a fruitful 2012! Happy New Year!

raqgold said...

hi vk, am in FB, too. and happy new year! you take care.

hi anney, happy new year!