Thursday, December 22, 2011

IC's Christmas Wish: To Play with Mama

I could cry! I am definitely a bad mother!

I saw this letter for Santa posted on their classroom's bulletin board during their Christmas Party last December 9. It took me sometime to find IC's letter and when I did, it was a kick in the gut!
One of my little girl's fervent Christmas wishes is to play with me!
To play. With. Her Mama. To play with me!!! Me... yes, a stay-at-home-mom that I am and my girl's letter seems to tell me that her stay-at-home-mom is not giving her enough precious play time together.

And then I remembered.

She would usually sit with me while I take a break after private playtime English lessons at home with the boys, in which she is also taking part in. But you see, because the  boys are too wild, they would not let IC join in most of the games (in which I always participate). Agreeable IC would always let the boys have their way, so she would stay on the sidelines and watch.

After trying to catch my breath after dealing with two active six-year-old boys, IC would always ask if I could play with her. And mostly my answer would be: 'later please, I need to take a break first.' Or I would ask her to stay on my side yet play by herself and pretend that I am playing with her.

I think she's a bit jealous that those boys could play with me and she had to miss out on the fun.

Right there and then, I promised to myself that I playing with her would be my priority. The day after the party, I started dropping everything (unless it is not cooking) everytime IC asked for playtime. I don't feel like a bad mother anymore (but still a bit guilty!).

And then two days after reading her letter to Santa, I sprained my left ankle. Which left me invalid, I cannot walk. The doctor said I cannot use my left foot for six weeks! If and when needed, to get from one place to another, I had to hop with one leg which is not easy.

The only thing comfortable for me was to sit in one corner read or go online or watch TV, until someone fetch me for a meal or to use the toilet or to go to bed.

Well, who's complaining? Definitely not IC!

Having her mom in that corner was a lucky thing! That was the Christmas gift that IC's been waiting for. What joy that that gift came earlier!

Now I am IC's captured audience. I am her full-time playmate. I am her live toy. She brings to me all kinds of play ideas, board games, drawing papers and pencils, etc. I play with her in whatever corner of the house she finds me. I play with her anytime she wants to play with me. I play with her whatever games she wants to play with me (excluding those that needs movement, of course!).

In return for being a full-time playmate mom? She and her sister help me in most of the household chores: laundry, hanging the laundry, setting and clearing the table, fetching and carrying things, etc. Cooking and cleaning the house became my husband's main responsibilities.

I can feel this Christmas would be something special.

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