Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Happy Sweet 18, Ate Cha!

Dear Ate Cha,

Already 18?

We still remember when you used to play Barbie with us. But we also had fun playing tag, hide and seek and simply running around.

Yet we do remember, those days when we tinker with make-ups and nail polishes. When we go home with clothes coming from you, simply because we decided to raid your closet, decided to try on your clothes and you were generous enough to share!

We know that you are a good sister, because you're a great cousin. We love you.

Although we are disappointed that we cannot celebrate with you. Especially since this is your debut and my Mama told me that in the Philippines, 18th birthday is always a big celebration.

Good thing that we joined the Christmas party with the radio station,, which is today, too. We are asked to wear red and we have decided to wear Santa hats. Of course, there are food and drinks, too. Therefore, we are partying with you!

Have fun!

MC and IC

P.S. It is also Oma's birthday!!! Happy birthday, dear Oma!

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