Thursday, December 1, 2011

DIY: Santa Boots Advent Calendar

I did say in my last post that we wanted to have a Christmas City Advent calendar and Santa Boots Advent calendar, right?

We started with creating the boots of Santa first. I gave one pattern each to IC and MC. But since it is a last minute thing, we don't really have all the necessary items for the boots. So we had to improvise, meaning, it would take more time and effort.

The first two booties took the kids almost an hour to finish!! If we would continue working, it would be the first week of December and we are still cutting and painting. Therefore, a compromise. One Santa boot goes into their Christmas City Advent calendar or else we will not meet the deadline. The girls agreed. That's our Advent calendar story 2011 and now here's how our Santa Booties were created:

Materials needed:

cardboard or a thick paper
pair of scissors
darning needle
paint brush
Santa Boot template : CLICK

How to:

Print the template.
Cut it out and transfer to the cardboard.
Fold the boots along the dotted lines.
Punch the holes.
Paint or paste trimmings on the boots.
Glue the heel.
Take the front flap and roll it according to the shape of boot.
Then using the darning needle and your chosen ribbon, thread them into the holes of boots.
Add the number by painting it on the boot.

The inspiration for the Santa booties is here.

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