Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Our Traditional Christmas Baking

Before Christmassy December approaches, our family is already busy with our traditional Christmas baking.

Well, it is my husband and the girls who are busy baking our Christmas cookies/biscuits. My participation is buying the ingredients needed. And of course, cleaning up after them!

Our favorite Christmas goodies include: Spritzgebackenes, Buttergebackenes and Kulleraugen.

The recipes are the traditional recipes coming from the Oma, although most of the time, there are modifications here and there.

It is indeed team work, baking these Christmas goodies. Someone should roll the dough, create the form, place them in the baking sheets, and into the oven. Then start the timer, check the goodies and take them out of the oven. Add more decors and trimmings, etc. And that is only for the Buttergebackenes (Butter Cookies).

I haven't mentioned the hardwork needed to create the Spritzgebackenes or Shortbread Cookies. Someone should work on the Spritzmachine, someone should pull the dough of the machine and shape it, someone should spread the cookie sheets and make space for another one...

A challenging work, this Shortbread Cookies. But the girls love baking this together best. Because the urgency is fun. They can't help but scream and cheer and laugh and shout boo -- depending on the success or failure of their working rhytmn. They also love the shapes that comes out from the machine; and those that are done by their fingers.

Christmas baking is not done one time. It is repeatedly done on weekends. Because those cookies are biscuits are used as everyday snacks, sent as gifts, and shared in Christmas parties.


anney said...

Wow! Sounds yummy ang mga cookies na yan kaya lang di ko kaya bigkasin ang pangalan. hihihi!

Tates said...

Traditional christmas baking is very nice and good. Really, i like trying the different varieties of baking cookies to present friends and family members. Thanks for sharing great information with us.

raqgold said...

hi anney, you dont know how to say those names right. the best thing is to bake them right, hehehe

hi tates, thanks for visiting.