Sunday, December 18, 2011

Honey-Cocoa Santa Boot-Shaped Biscuit

This came about because I don't have all the ingredients to create a Gingerbread Cookie.

Plus, with honey, the taste is something different, right?

Yet it is something for the season because I have created the biscuit using a Santa Boot pattern.

Here is the recipe for the Honey-Cocoa Santa Boot-Shaped Biscuit:


200 g liquid honey
50 g sugar
a pinch of salt
50 g melted butter or margarine
1 egg
2 tbsp cacao powder
a pinch of cinnamon powder
1 tsp grounded cloves
50 g ground almonds
500 g all-purpose flour
3 tbsp baking powder

To trim:

100 g powdered sugar, 1-2 tbsp lemon juice, and some cookie/cake trimmings such as mini chocos, colored sugar bits, etc.

Additional: paper for pattern, cartons, aluminum folie, ribbons and choco Santa


In a bowl, put together honey, sugar, salt, butter or margarine, cinnamon, cacao, cloves and almonds. Mix well.

Combine the baking powder and the flour. Add slowly to the honey mixture while using the mixer.

Afterwards, knead the dough using your flour-covered hands. Cover the dough and place in the ref between one to two hours.

Then roll the dough on a flour-covered table. Create your own Santa Boot pattern using a piece of paper. Place the pattern on top of the rolled dough and cut it out. Use the extra dough to create other patterns to use as trimmings.

Place the Santa Boot-shaped dough on a baking sheet. Bake in a pre-heated oven for around 15 minutes, at 200 degrees.

Let the dough cool before adding the trimmings.

To create icing, mix together the powdered sugar and the lemon juice. Use the icing to glue the trimmings.

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