Monday, December 10, 2007

Drama-filled 6th Birthday for MC

MC just woke up and is not yet ready for the camera
It is supposed to be a day filled with joy, yet it started with stress. Knowing since last night that MC might stay in the hospital when her blood tests would not stabilize, we were up at 6 am although we almost didnt sleep last night.

Although I am also not feeling too well, as with little IC who's got a cough, we stayed up both a little late the night before because we wanted to prepare the traditional birthday table for MC. IC helped me to bake a teddy bear-shaped citrus cake and with the balloons; despite asking almost every minute 'and when is my birthday?'

IC's busy with the balloons
Thus, when MC woke up this morning, her birthday table is up with her gifts. And she was able to blow her candles before she drove off with papa to the hospital. I mean, who would want to spend her first few hours of her birthday being pricked for blood tests? But I know I have a tough girl. I prayed for a small miracle and I got one. Her blood tests were okay, that means she is allowed to go home. But we still need to cancel the birthday party because the doctor wanted her to take a rest.

MC is in a good mood after the hospital visit. She even volunteered to blow her birthday candles the second time because IC missed the first one. She is so proud counting her candles, six candles! We had to tell her that her birthday party would have to be cancelled but we asked the immediate family to come for a short visit and give their gifts to her. They did, that made her day.
Then a call from the hospital. From her blood tests, it turned out she is lacking in calcium. Thus, we had to go to the pharmacy for the needed supplement and that was when the real drama entered the picture. With both our kids, we dont really have a problem when it comes to giving them medicine; but MC wont take this particular supplement. She refused point blank. And wont stop crying in protest which triggered whopping cough.

What can we do? She needed the supplement. We cajoled, explained, threatened... it was only when I told her I would need to force it down on her that she slowly started drinking.

Dinner time was fish sticks and french fries, a special request from the birthday girl. I made it special by decorating our dinner table. We had a great dinner.

Then it's time to drink her supplement again. And the drama continued. She wont. But she must. I told her she must stay on the table until she's finished. Well, she did with non-stop crying. She simply wont drink it. What can we do? I again threatened to force it down on her. So she sipped while crying. The result? She vomitted!

Arrrgh! Papa is explosive already. I am trying to stay calm. I made her another mix and told her to drink it slowly. She refused, as expected. I told her she could either drink it alone or I am going to force it down on her. And I am really going to do that. She knows she needs the supplement and there is no way out but to drink it. Well, she drink it after stubbornly staying alone on the table for almost 30 minutes.

We tried to end the day on a happier note by playing a game together before turning in for the night. But you know what, after bringing MC in bed, she vomitted again after an attack of the whooping cough. As I am finishing this blog, I can still hear her coughing. I hope we'll all have a good night sleep tonight.


MarysMom said...

My heart aches for you. I have no real advice for you that would work. I don't know what to do myself.
My daughter has the same problem with taking any medication--- all kinds of drama before she takes it and then throwing it all up. Hate it especially when she does it with some expensive antibiotics. Thankfully she has not been sick of late- hope it continues. For minor congestion and cough, I use Vicks Vaporub (just like what my Mom used to rub on my chest when I was growing up in Caloocan City). Lately, its been an itchy throat and I find that a peppermint Altoids (1/2 of one) does the trick (even this gets Mary crying, though.)

lovelyn said...

Happy Birthday MC! Be patient and take your medicine honey. I pray and hope you get well soon!

Mommy Raggold, I would love to do a cake in that shape. Its always square or round for us. I can't find a pan like that here.

On my son's second Christmas, we spent it in the hospital. Everyone was busy for the Noche Buena but we're at the ER with lots of needles and tests they had to perform on Lukie. So with his 3rd birthday, he had intestinal flu and we have to go to the hospital and leave the house full of food. Our neighbor stayed to wait for our invited family and friends.

KK aka Tina said...

Hi Raq,
I hope things settled down. Happy Birthday to your MC, just a few months younger lang pala siya sa Lil K ko.

Take care,

tintin said...

Oh, i hope the little on will feel much better soon.

raqgold said...

marysmom - i bought vicks and it helped a lot. esp since the smell brought me to the comfort of home :D

lovelyn, oh what a birthday party you had. good thing we were able to cancel in time pala.

KK - thanks for the greet. if both girls are the same age, i better watch out for your blogs about her :D

tintin - thanks, she's getting better!