Thursday, December 20, 2007

After a Doctor's Visit

Now what do you do after a doctor's visit? After picking up the medicine from the pharmacy and driving home?

My husband, who is a neat freak, have instilled so many extra things to do after a doctor's visit and though at first I find those things so amusing, I am a convert now. I mean, there is no harm in doing them. We are religiously doing these things. It is also an automatic must do, even for the kids.

Let me share these things:

1. Wash hands. We do this everytime we arrive home from anywhere we come from; but most especially if we came from the doctor.

2. My husband usually takes a shower; and throws the clothes he used right into the laundry basket. As for the kids, they simply need to change their clothes though sometimes I do wash them, too.

3. Since we bring our own blanket for the kids to sit on at the examination during doctor's visit, this blanket would also go with the used clothes, into the laundry basket.

It is only after doing these things that we could freely move around the house. Of course you then need to check the medicine, read the intructions and all; but those are things that most of us already normally do.

And after a bout of sickness at home? We clean the house, air the rooms and wash the bedsheets. And here's some extras: We a separate waste basket for used tissues and these would need to be cleared up regularly. We dont leave this waste basket filled overnight. We must take care of it as soon as it is full. Don't you know that the virus from these used tissues could permeate the air?

And of course, we regularly wash our hands especially when wanted to take our medicine or when it's time to eat. These simple things really help a lot!

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Christianne said...

We don't do half those things but maybe we should!