Friday, December 14, 2007

Christmas Means Good Health

I have been tagged twice by Mitch and by Cookie, they wanted to know what Christmas means to me.

After this long bout of sickness in the family, it would not be a surprise if I would say Christmas means good health.

Christmas would be better enjoyed with the whole family if we are all in good spirit, if we could all savor the well prepared meals, if we could all smell the special flavor in the air, if we could all freely embrace and cuddle with our loved ones. Plus, being fit enough to visit the Christmas markets, to drop by at the homes of our friends, and binge all we want.

Christmas is a fun-filled season. Thus, we need to be in good health to live the real spirit of Christmas.
Who would cook the food, who would eat the treats, who would smell the zimt, who would shop for gifts, who would open and exclaim good noises over the gifts, who would drive to the parties, who would say merry Christmas? Well, we would be the healthy bunch, soon.

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