Sunday, December 23, 2007

One Great Gift

I already have Christmas in my heart because I got one great gift since last week. I found a long lost friend, L. She's been a good friend way back in high school, hmm, more than 20 years!

We still havent met but we have been talking almost everyday on the phone; burning telephone lines.

The last time we got to talk was in the late 90s, when we gave me call. She's already in Germany and happily married and with a small baby boy. But before that, we have already lost touch. We havent seen each other for more than five years. I only learned that she's in Germany after visiting their house, with another friend. I got her address in Germany and sent her a letter. Thus the call.

And then my wallet, where all my contact infos are tucked in, were stolen after a short Baguio trip. I lost her address. After a short time, I also left Manila to work in Thailand. And then in 2001, my trip to Germany. I tried to find her. I even asked the Philippine embassies and consulates, but they cannot give me any information. We even checked the telephone directories, hoping to read her name! You see, I wanted her to be my special guest on my wedding day!

We didnt find her, despite some efforts from my family and close friends in Manila to locate her family. And then last week, a common friend called me saying she knows where L is. She gave me an email address, which bounced. Arrgh, that was a real disappointment. And then she gave me the email address of L's sister. I immediately sent L's sister an email which she answered after a few hours! Yipeee!

Of course, the email I got didnt work, again! But I got a phone number. I called the number, nobody answered. Arrgh, I was getting frustrated. But after a few minutes, I tried the same number again and somebody answered on the other line. Since I just lost my voice at that time, I know L would not recognize me. But I persisted...

After a few seconds of some unbelieving questions, L finally realized that it was me on the phone. She cant believe that I have been living in Germany for a long time and she doesnt even know. Ohhh, it was great to hear her voice again. We talked for a long time, trying to update and fill in the long years of absence. Of course, it's not enough; what's enough is that we found each other again.

We have been talking on the phone, almost everyday since then. We know we need to meet soon. But for now, I am glad to have this great gift of her. Christmas is happier because I found a long lost friend and she's only a few hours drive away!

Now we need to find another long lost friend, G. I hope we'll find her soon, too.

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