Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Mama is a pain reliever

I think the most important responsibility of a mother is being a pain reliever. Have you noticed that, too?

It started when the kids are still babies. When they cry, they would look for mama. Either you give your breast filled with milk or you urgently give the bottle. And not to mention cradling, rocking or singing them to sleep.

And as toddlers, everytime they stumble or fall down, the number cry would be 'mama' -- this time you would need to kiss the tears away, use a plaster to stop the pain or hug the hurt away. Sometimes, an ice cream would do the trick, too.

What about when a virus came to stay at home? Well, mama is still the pain reliever, despite the medicine coming from the doctor. Mama would be the one expected to answer the emergency call; even in the middle of the night.

Frankly, I am not a sickly person, and I am praying it would remain so. But I've wondered, too, how I would intuitively know what to do and what to give, when the kids have those hundred hurts and sickness. I guess, I simply know because a mom is a pain reliever.

Now what wonder items do I have that keep my little costumers calling for me? Here's what I have:

1. The thermometer to give me the real clue on what's really happening
2. The suppositories for a quick temperature slow down
3. A quick rub with Aloe Heat lotion and Vicks vaporub for cough and cold, and to help them breath freely and sleep better
4. A cold pack for bruises and a hot pack for aches such as stomachache, etc.
5. Hundreds of colorful plaster, of different sizes for scratches and wounds
6. Aloe First spray and Propolis lotion for raw and reddish skin, Nivea and Bebe cream for chapped and dry lips
7. Again, Aloe First to clean the wound
8. Always, a bottle of water in the bedroom, when they have the urged to drink and instead of going to the kitchen, they come to our bedroom
9. Thick socks for cold feet, not to mention my whole body to warm them up :D
10. My hands to rub, scratch, massage and cradle the one in pain
11. My feet to run errands
12. My heart to love them
13. Prayers to keep them warm and safe

Oh yeah, moms are the most effective pain relievers!

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MarysMom said...

When Mary was very little and she would complain of a tummyache (and what do you give a wee one for tummyaches???), I would usually just massage her tummy area and she would feel better. Now, that is still the usual remedy--- mommy's touch on her tummy--- daddy's hand will not have the same effect. We, moms, just seem to have the touch!