Friday, December 14, 2007

Leave us Alone

I am gonna have a real tantrum soon. I wanted to stamp my feet and shout, 'leave us alone.' Because you see, for more than a week now, the whole family's down with flu and cough and cold. The virus lingers!

I thought everything would be better. MC's feeling much better and you could see that she's also fit and well. She's eating a lot, again.

And then came IC at noontime, who without saying anything, took a blanket and found a nook in the couch to sleep. A sure sign that she's not feeling well and we checked, she's got a high fever.

Arrrgh, and I thought we would be over this today. After giving her something to help the fever go down, we left her to sleep and decided to feed MC who found her appetite again.

Since MC's adrenaline is overflowing, IC, after a long rest; was up and about, playing with her sister. As if nothing happened, but because the next would be another hospital visit for MC, we decided to all go to bed early.

MC slept. IC cannot. Her fever is back with a vengeance. And she wont take a nose spray to help her breath easily. The result? She threw up. Another long night!

This morning, MC drove with papa to the hospital for her check up and opa had to pick IC and me up to drive us to the doctor. The results of both visits are positive. Both girls are better. But why I am not yet ready to heave a sigh of relief?


geri said...

Hugs to you Raq, man that's really tough

janet said...

i can relate. my two kids has just recovered... from contracting this virus twice in a month!

i wish you and family good health this Christmas and always!

btw, you are tagged. but only when you have time, yeah? thanks!

raqgold said...

geri - the whole family sick and it's christmas time, real tough :(

janet - a hard world, huh! but this too shall pass, di ba? i'll visit your site for the tag