Friday, December 7, 2007

She Pushed Me

In another of those long days where everybody's nerves were already reaching the breaking point, MC pushed me.

I pushed her back. And I told her, 'do you like what you feel when I pushed you?'

She nodded no and immediately said that she's sorry.

I told her I forgive her. And I said I am sorry that I pushed her. I only wanted her to know what it feels. And to point it out to her that pushing is not a good thing to do, either to her friends and especially to adults.

I hope she got my point. Sometimes teaching our kids a lesson means giving them back what's worth.

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lovelyn said...

I believe this do help, let them know how it feels. I did this once with my son, though guilt sanked in after. As long as we explain to them why we did it, I believe we're teaching them something good.