Saturday, December 15, 2007

What is an Opa?

What is an opa, a grandpa or a lolo when you are sick? Well, he would be the one eagerly waiting on the sideline to help. He would make himself available. He would be there for you. He would call you and repeatedly ask if he could do something for you.

And let him do something, let him keep himself busy for you be because he would also be proud to show you that despite him being already 86 years old, he is the one in good health and you, are the one sick and in need of his help.

Nope, dont hurt his feelings by saying you have everything in control; when he knows for sure that not everything is in control, you are, after all, sick, right? You need to buy your medicine, you need to go to the doctor, you need to grocery shop... So you better call him and ask him you need for him to run an errand. He would grab than opportunity gleefully. Ask him you need more fruits. Ask him to drive you the short way to the doctor. Ask him to just be there for you. And he would be there for you.

Never mind that he cannot hear right anymore, and despite loosing your voice, you needed to shout your instructions; never mind that you need to repeat everything more than twice -- the important thing, at the end of the day is this... you have made an old man proud of his service to you. It is his way of showing, I am still able. It is his way of showing, you needed me, after all. It is his way of showing and saying, I love you all.

And asking for his help is a big way of letting him know that we know he is still able, he is needed and he is also loved in return. And it is also one way to keeping his steps more lively.

P.S. Thank you very much for the ginger bread house, opa and oma.


Daisy said...

The gingerbread house is beautiful; the sentiment even more so.

raqgold said...

hi daisy, thanks for the visit. i do love it when the grandparents come for a visit and the kids love is better when they have sweets with them :D