Sunday, December 30, 2007

Our New Year's Healthy Resolution

Our stationary bike wont be lonely anymore :

I have never had a New Year's resolution list, thus, why am I starting now?

Just because I wanted to enjoy a healthy life with my family. I guess that's good enough reason to start a workable, healthy New Year's resolution. The attack of sickness during the end of this year that brought the whole family down for a long time; made me realize how important being healthy and staying healthy is.

And because I wanted to live a long and happy life with my family, I am ready to work for it. My husband is also keen on meeting his goal for this year, and his list appeals to me because it also focuses on health.

What's in my list?
1. Regularly attend the aerobics session every Wednesday night aside from staying on as trainer for gymnastics for little kids during Wednesday afternoons.
2. Maintain a 15-30 minute work out at home at least three times a week, by using the stationary bike, the hulahoops, the skipping rope, and by dancing with the kids.
3. Walk the kids to kindergarten and walk the long way back home.
4. Be more choosy when it comes to meals being served at home. Limit the sweets and instead serve more fruits and raw veggies for in between snacks.

And what's in my husband's list?
1. Swim for an hour every Monday night.
2. Stationary bike and/or brisk walking at least three times a week for an hour.
3. Regulated diet

So you see, my husband and I have more or less the same goal for next year, focus on our health. Because then we would feel good about ourselves. And then we could give better love because we do love ourselves. And then we would only be showing optimism in life because we are having more fun. I am looking forward to more loving, of course!

Instead of just complaining about how our body is quitting on us and how we are being pulled down by sickness; we are working on how to conquer our body and bring more energy to it. I think our goals are workable enough. And nope, we wont start in 2008, we have already started it as soon as we have listed down our goals.

Because if you really want to do something, then you better start doing it as soon as possible. Today is always the best time. Do you have a workable New Year's resolution, too?


janet said...

great. this reminds me to work on my new year's resolution, too. i have some already in mind... just haven't written them down. then probably i can start straight away. thanks for the tips.

may you and family have good health for the new year 2008!

julie said...

I think we ought to follow your lead, Keng. Now,if I can get my 8u77 off this chair and do some physical work, this would be a big step towards the goal of being healthy,lol!

Wishing you and your family the best in 2008.

I hope to see you by Feb.

Vk-mahalkaayo said...

hi raqgold,

bernie n i too.....
he´s aim is 75kls...he will do it...presently he´s 82kls.
Me? gain aim is 50-51kls.....

thanks for sharing....

geri said...

Raq, here's to a healthier New Year to your family and to mine. Let's drink to that :)

ruth said...

i promised myself i'd "move more" this year, especially after i give birth. i realized that we had less exercise and ate less healthier here in singapore than we did back in germany.

but i know i can't motivate myself to exercise at home though. i'll have join the gym.

raqgold said...

janet - we have started our healthy plan even before 2008. we wanted to be a to do list talaga

julie - we must do this if we wanted to enjoy a long and graceful life. oh yes, see you in feb!

vicki - if you and bernie would work out together, there's a chance that it would be a success. good luck!

geri - here's to your family from mine, have a great 2008!

ruth - the kids are my reminders to ride the stationary bike. mangungulit sila until i finish my take :D