Tuesday, December 4, 2007

I Attended a Light Meditation

The first reason why I signed up for the Light Meditation Seminar is because the money would go to the kindergarten's renovation. I was the first one on the list.

The second reason is because I missed my yoga sessions which I regularly did during my Bangkok years, around seven years before. Yoga helped me a lot especially to relax, fight stress and most importantly, to find my inner peace.

I was really thinking that Light Meditation would focus on yoga itself. I have even goggled about it and it always goes back to the same meditation 'inner light meditation' , focusing on yoga and the inner self. I even joined my Thai Buddhist friends during their trek to the biggest temple in the world, at least during that time. It is located in the outskirts of Bangkok.

But why do we need a white candle for this meditation? Well, the question was answered during the day itself. We needed the candle because we are literally having a light meditation. We started with a light yoga to relax us before we were lured into the light. We started with eyes closed and then being asked to open our eyes to look into the light was a different feeling altogether.

Lured into the light meaning, we had to light our candles located in front of us and focus on that light during the whole meditation process. Just imagine, everything was dark and you can see only the flickering of lights from our candles. That was really mesmerizing. I forgot about the people beside me, I forget where I am, I even forgot about me, I simply focused on the light.

And that was the main purpose of the light, you need to focus on the inner you. Find out what your greatest wish is. A wish that would help you find your inner light. Because sometimes we focus too much on the others: our family, our friends, the material world and we forgot about ourselves.

We are asked to reach deep into our feelings. To forego the mind, the opinions of others... simply glide into what you feel, your heart. To wish for what your heart is saying. And this is our inner being. Sometimes we are affected by the things we hear and read from our loved ones... we could always give them advices. But the best way of helping them would be by letting go of that person. Of giving them a time alone to find themselves. You know what, I have been consciously doing that for years. As a friend, I would always be there, but I am not someone who would repeat what I said. Because I believe my presence despite my silence would also be helping.

What got me was this: if you admire someone, you need to let go of that person. Know what you love or want from that person, either his optimism in life, her patience etc... think on that something that really impressed you. But forget the person. And try to embrace what you love from that person into the inner you. That would be more satisfying.

And of course, we must believe in the higher power, our God.

In the end of the light meditation, we are asked to bring our candles back home. We could use this candle when we wanted to focus on our wish. Or when we wanted to find some peace. I think my candle would be used within this month :)

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Heart of Rachel said...

Sounds very interesting. I like the idea of being able to relax the senses and reflect about the inner you.