Saturday, December 1, 2007

PMN Fam Pics: Messy No More

There are times when MC's closet would be too disorganized that it would take tears and a lot of shouting before she could find something to wear for the day. Although I always tell her to prepare her clothes for the next day the night before, she would sometimes discover that what she wanted to wear would be too short, too long, too pink, too flowery, too jeans, too whatever.

And so, because we are always in a hurry in the morning, she would not have the time to return those discarded clothes properly. Thus, when not organized for a week, her closet would just be a jumble of wrinkled clothes. A real mess! Sometimes she cant even properly close it. And she hates that.

The solution? She would fold and organize her closet. She does this once a month. Alone. The rest of the month she helps me. That's our deal, for now.

See how proud she is...

And the evidence that it is messy no more!

This is my contribution for PMN: Fam Pics.


Heart of Rachel said...

What a nice attitude that you instill on your children especially MC. It's wonderful when parents teach their kids to organize their own things while they are young.

I still have to find a photo for my PMN entry this month. I better check my files.

raqgold said...

hi rach, it is not easy but when we start early, i am sure it would be a success. kasi makakasanayan nila, di ba?

Analyse said...

galing naman ni MC.. sana maging ganyan din si louna, makalat e..

lady cess said...

good job MC. when MC is already a teenager you would not be like most moms who nag their teens to keep their rooms clean :)

julie said...

Hmmm...I think I should show this to my daughter Trixie. Sometimes her closet too gets disorganized but I don't help her na. Ano sinuswerte,LOL! She is old enough to do something about it.Sometimes what I would do, remove all the clothes and have her put these back, in an organized way.

Good job, MC!


ScroochChronicles said...

Achievement yan!! To actually have them fix!!

raqgold said...

analyse, take your time :) IC is the opposite of her sister, just so you would know, hehe

lady cess, i hope i wont have such problems in the future talaga

julie, well, if they're old enough, they should know how to do these things alone. i wont help her too when she's older na.

cookie - it feels great, really

Shoshana said...

My daughter have the same issue with her clothes. She'll fix it and then the next day, it's back to mess. It's a mystery to me how she keeps straight-A's but having a very disorganized room.

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tintin said...

I am hoping Mina will have the same healhy attitude about cleaning. I hate a messy house too!