Thursday, December 20, 2007

Happy 85th Birthday, Oma!

Today we are celebrating a birthday highlight, my mother in law turned 85! Can you imagine yourself turning 85? I dont know what I would look like but I would like to look like my mother in law.

Oma, as we fondly call her, would definitely have a full day today. The mayor of our town would be coming and the lady priest of the parish would also be there. Thus, together with opa, we would be busy preparing fresh canapes as early as 8 am today. Nope, he doesnt want to buy from party service. I mean, I agree, too. I would love to be of service on this lovely day. I am sure they would love to have their loved ones with them, too.

Even IC deciced to skip kindergarten just because she wanted to help. Plus, she said oma should not see the surprise being prepared for her. So she is the designated guard for oma. MC and papa would have to miss the early morning visit as they would have to go to the hospital for another check up, another blood test. We wanted to make sure everything is okay with MC. I am positive it would all be okay. They would join us as soon as they are finished.

I have already talked with opa on what to buy and what to prepare for today. I hope he's got everything in order. We wanted to make this day an exciting one for oma. It is not everyday that you get to celebrate your 85th birthday right? Thus, I also talked them out of baking a cake last Thursday, we doesnt want the birthday celebrant too tired, right? I am glad opa agreed, so he's buying some cakes for tea time.

I mean, oma needs her beauty rest. But who could compete with oma's beauty? I mean, look at her. She is really growing gracefully. Although her age shows because she sometimes forgets things; but watch out because she hears from miles away. I would love to have her good ears when I reach that age.

And I would love her sense of humor. She sees humor in just almost everything. It could be a bit too much for some people, but I love that I can still crack her up. And she gives punches, too, with her storytelling. I love her cooking, I need to create extra time to learn her recipes! I also admire that she still takes care of her appearance. I mean, look at me, my two small kids are my excuse not to powder my nose and dress up anymore. But I see oma's face always made up and when she go out, she is always properly dressed. When I grow old, I would love to have her grace and poise.

I just wish she would go out more and enjoy the fresh air. We would love to hold hands with her as we take a short stroll. I am sure the girls would love to pick flowers with her. I am pretty sure that would happen, too. Just a little gentle nudge and a smile would do :D

For now, we wish our loving oma a very happy birthday. We love you!


Anonymous said...

First & foremost happy birthday to your MIL and thank you for visiting me on my site ! I would be glad to contribute at home and garden. In fact I just submitted a post on parenting to Tita Dine.

Have a wonderful Christmas to all the family ! ***HAZE***

raqgold said...

hi haze, i cant wait for your post at PMN: home and garden. and thanks for visiting, too!